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Daniel Martin

Daniel MartinDr. Daniel Martin is one of the four founders and conveners of the Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue at Iona where he focuses on the dialogue aspect of the program.
Dr. Martin wrote his doctoral dissertation with Thomas Berry in 1988 and later became a religious consultant for the UN Environmental Program, where he helped create and develop the Environmental Sabbath, a project designed to engage the religions of the country in the environmental agenda. In 1991, he founded International Communities for the Renewal of the Earth to create an Earth Charter for the UN Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992. Since 1994, Dr. Martin has worked as a consultant, integrating the Thomas Berry perspective into his dialogue-based facilitating, training, planning, and coaching work for many organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Heart Association and multiple human service agencies. He also created a program called Conversations for Action in his own town of Bedford, NY to explore a local response to climate change. The result was an award-winning Climate Action Plan and a continuing implementation program.
Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, his work reflects his passion for building dialogue-based communities across differences as the way to discover creative responses to an increasingly complex world. He also uses his Blog – found at - to explore dialogue as a practice for life.