Testimonials from Mentors and Mentees

Flory Hiatrides

"I have been involved with IONA programs for the past 30 years. To date, I believe this is one of the most successful programs that have been implemented. I am currently mentoring five students and providing them with education in various areas including emotional intelligence entrepreneurship and leadership. Thank you for providing this opportunity." - Flory Netsch Hiatrides ’83, ‘86MBA, Mentor

"My experience with the mentorship program has been great so far! My mentor and I have a lot in common and are both driven and focused on helping each other achieve our goals. It has been a wonderful opportunity thus far and I am excited to see where it goes!" - Emily Stewart ‘23, Mentee

Emily Stewart

Sebastiana Tagliamonte

“I really enjoy connecting with my mentee on a weekly basis; she comes prepared with questions and we chat about such things as her course load, ways to improve her resume, internships and industries to explore after graduation, etc. I find mentoring a rewarding experience; and knowing that I have helped a fellow Gael in their path to a successful career is very satisfying.” - Sebastiana Tagliamonte ‘92, Mentor

"The Gaels Go Further mentoring program has been such a great opportunity to connect with alumni who are investing their time to help current Gaels be set up for success. I'm excited to build more connections through the program and build on everything I have learned so far from my mentor, Flory Hiatrides." - Natalia Meray '21, '22MBA, Mentee

Natalia Meray

Carol Ierace

"This is such an exciting program for the students at Iona as well as a way for the alumni to stay connected to the University and to give back. Mentoring was always a part of my job as a teacher and I'm happy to be able to continue with it and be a part of this new program." - Carol Ierace '87, Mentor

"I love being a mentor as part of the Gaels Go Further Mentoring Program as I believe it truly makes an impact on the mentee. At this point I have had numerous conversations with my mentee about various topics including, but not limited to, internships, career opportunities and work life balance. I truly believe this helps the mentee in a way they would not have had without the program." - Michael LaPerch ‘79, Mentor

Michael LaPerch

Michael Zanga

“My experience with the program has been good and has brought me closer to students and alumni than ever before. Gaels Go Further is a great value.” - Michael Zanga ‘89, Mentor