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Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

15 credits

ENT 200: Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Practice & Mindset

This introductory course engages students in the practice of entrepreneurship and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. The course starts out with an exploration of who students are as entrepreneurial and innovative individuals, and to explore the contexts in which they plan to live and work in. By bringing together personal goals and aspirations, and linking them to professional areas of interest, the course will guide students towards the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities. Also, through engaging in a series of ideation, design thinking and business modeling exercises, students will develop innovative solutions (products or services) in an area of their interest. The course will be highly interactive, collaborative and experiential in nature, and will conclude with a “demo day” where all student teams will present their entrepreneurial innovations to one another. 
3 credits.
Prerequisites: None 

ENT 201: Ethics and Entrepreneurial Leadership

When you think of a good leader, what do you imagine? Can you imagine yourself stepping into that vision and owning it? All of us will encounter times in our life when we need to take on leadership roles, whether as the official lead on a project, as the default “decider” in a group of friends, or simply as the director of our own most important decisions in life. In this class, you will learn to refine and perhaps to alter your vision of ethical leadership, shaping it into something you yourself can strive for as you pursue your own entrepreneurial goals, and you will take concrete steps to bring yourself closer to that goal. 
3 credits.
Prerequisites: None 

ENT 301: Introduction to Ideation and Design Thinking

The purpose of this course is to explore the nature of innovation and the process of idea creation. Students will engage in hands-on exercises that begin with brainstorming and refining ideas, and lead to the design and prototyping of solutions, concepts, and products. The course explores ideation, innovation, and entrepreneurship in different settings - social, arts, STEM, business, etc. The course is highly interactive and hands-on: Active student participation in all in-class and outside activities is expected. 
3 credits.
Prerequisite: ENT 200 

ENT 302: Introduction to Business Modeling

This course guides the student through the modeling process from ideation to a workable, applicable business model. Students are also exposed to the application of business model development to problem-solving, non-profit organizations and other entities not often associated with business. This class relies heavily on class participation and group work. Assignments are completed and presented as a group activity in addition to class evaluation of peers. 
3 credits. 
Prerequisite: ENT 200 

Chose one course option below:

ENT 401: Entrepreneurial Internship

Students carry out a work project in a start-up or small private or public sector organization under the direct supervision of an on-site executive entrepreneur/supervisor and a designated faculty advisor. Students meet with faculty member to discuss findings and problems, and provide periodic reports. 
3 credits. 
Prerequisites: Students must have completed ENT 301 & ENT 302. They must have senior status or be rising seniors (in the summer before their senior year) and have good academic standing. Permission to enroll is required (by application, including a faculty recommendation). Students will also be required to complete a tutorial on the prevention and identification of sexual misconduct by employers. 


ENT 402: Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Practice

This course is designed to facilitate the process of developing an entrepreneurial venture, from idea to launch, with the help and support of Iona’s GaelVentures incubator. Students sign-up for this course with an existing idea that they would like to work on. Based on this idea, students will be assigned dedicated work hours at GaelVentures. During these hours, students will work on the development and launch of their venture with the support of the instructor, incubator manager, coaches and mentors. In addition, students will be meeting once per week as a group to reflect about their progress, set goals and discuss required resources to help launch their businesses. 
3 credits.
Prerequisites: ENT 301 & ENT 302. Students are required to apply to the course with an existing entrepreneurial idea.