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Drug and Alcohol Abuse (DAA) Minor

Drug and alcohol abuse are all too prevalent among youth and adults in today's society and well-trained, devoted counselors are in great demand. Are you interested in pursuing a dynamic and worthwhile career helping others through becoming a drug and alcohol counselor? The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Minor offered at Iona College fulfills New York State's educational requirement for the CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) qualification. Once you complete the seven courses through Iona you will be qualified to begin the work experience required for credentialing as a CASAC. The DAA studies minor is an OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services) approved program. Please be advised that completion of the DAA program at Iona does not provide program completers with the CASAC; it provides the educational requirement to register with the state and become a CASAC-T (trainee; see below for more details).

What kind of courses would I take?

Seven courses are required to complete the DAA Minor. All courses are offered on the semester schedule.  The seven courses can be completed over three to four semesters (depending on the number of courses taken per semester).

DAA Minor Required Courses

Course Number Course Name
DAA/PSY 3001 Introduction to Drug and Alcohol Abuse Studies
DAA/PSY 3011 Assessment, Referral, and Treatment Methods
DAA/PSY 3023 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling with the Family
DAA/PSY 3031 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling
PSY 3101 Health Counseling
DAA/PSY 3220 Psychology of Drug Habituation and Addiction
PSY 441 Developmental Psychology

Total credits for DAA Minor = 27

Who can enroll in the DAA program?

The minor is open to undergraduates enrolled at Iona as well as others who are solely interested in completing the DAA courses. Where these courses may be used as elective credit in any bachelor's degree at the College, the coursework may best complement the degrees of psychology, social work, and criminal justice. Admissions requirements for those not already enrolled in a degree program at Iona include a High School Diploma or GED, being 18 years of age, and a completed application to become a visiting student. Please contact the Office of Admissions at (914) 633-2502 for more information.

Once I complete the coursework, how do I become a certified counselor?

The final step, following your coursework, is to earn work experience to allow you to become a licensed CASAC counselor. You must document 6,000 hours of supervised, full-time equivalent experience in an approved work setting as a provider or supervisor of direct patient services. Good news: You can count your Iona BA/BS in an approved human services field (including psychology, criminal justice, sociology, anthropology, education and more; see the NYS OASAS Approved Human Services Degrees page for a complete list) as 2,000 hours toward the 6,000 hours of experience needed to be licensed. A master's degree in a human services field (same as above) can count as 4,000 hours. See the OASAS CASAC Requirements page for a full description.

Who teaches the courses?

All courses are taught by Iona College full-time and adjunct faculty who have specialized training and experience in the field of alcohol and drug abuse counseling and/or health counseling. Many of the faculty members are engaged in current practice in the field and thus bring rich examples to enliven the classroom experience. All faculty members are Ph.D. level psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, or certified CASAC counselors.

Who should I contact for additional information?

For more information about the DAA program, contact Colleen Jacobson, Ph.D., at (914) 637-2770 or