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Penelope Moore's Research & Publications

  • Crumpley, J. & Moore, P.J. (2016). Reaching our Neediest Children: Bringing a mental health program into the schools. IUniverse
  • Matich-Maroney, J. & Moore, P.J. Practice-informed research & research-informed practice: Walking our talk by flipping the classroom of an undergraduate social work research course & evaluating its outcomes for students. CUR Quarterly.  Winter 2016, Vol. 37, 2, 24-29.
  • Moore P.J., Gratzer, W., Lieber, C., Edelson, V. & O’Leary, J., & Terry, S.F.  (2012). Iona College Community Centered Family Health History Project:  Lessons Learned From Student  Focus Groups. Journal of Genetic Counseling.
  • Terry, S.F., Christensen, K.D., Metosky, S., Deignan, K., Martinez, H., Moore, P.J., & Citron, T. (2011). Public Engagement about Genetic Variation and Haplotype Mapping:  Strategies and Findings. American Journal of Human Genetics.
  • Edelson, V., O’Leary, J., Terry, S., Kyler, P., McGee, D., Strange, C., O’Quinn, K., Petruccio, C., Moore, P., Gepp, A., Gardner, N., Jernigan, M., Forquera, R., & Bowen, D. (2011).  Community Centered Family Health History:  A Customized Approach to Increased Health Communication and Awareness. Progress in Community Health Partnerships:  Research, Education, and Action. Vol.5, 2, DOI: 101353/cpr.2011.0016
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  • Toliver, S. D. & Moore, P.J. (2010). Struggles Within:  Black Faculty – Black Students Intra-Racial Dynamics at Predominately White Institutions. In S. Moore, R. Alexander & A. Lemelle (Eds), The Dilemma of Black Faculty at Predominantly White Institutions in America: Issues for Consideration in a Post-Multicultural Era.
  • Moore, P. J. & Toliver, S. D. (2010). Intra-Racial dynamics of the Black Professor and Back Students’ Communication in Traditionally White Colleges and Universities.  Journal of Black Studies. Vol. 40, 5, 932-945.
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