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I-20 and Visa Information

International students must complete Iona College's Application for Form I-20.  The I-20 is required when applying for an F-1 student visa at an American Embassy or Consulate and for entry into the United States. The I-20 is issued by Iona College through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and is an acknowledgement that your record is in the SEVIS system. Students already attending a high school or college in the U.S. will need to transfer the I-20 to Iona College once the current program ends in order to continue studies in the U.S.  Please note that Canadian students do not need a visa, but are required to have an I-20 issued by the school and to pay the SEVIS fee.

To request an I-20 application, please email

If you are transferring your I-20 to Iona College from another US school or program, please email to request a Transfer Release form to facilitate the SEVIS transfer of your I-20 document.

Demonstrating Financial Resources

Immigration laws require international students who wish to study in the U.S. on an F-1 visa to show proof of finances for one year.
Students must verify a minimum of:

  • $61,388 For Undergraduate studies for 2020/21
  • $55,287 For Graduate Business studies for 2020/21
  • $41,824 For Graduate Arts & Sciences studies for 2020/21



All new students coming in F-1 status must pay a $350 SEVIS fee prior to applying for a visa. Please visit for SEVIS payment information.

Additional I-20 Forms

Students whose family member(s) are traveling in F-2 visa status will be mailed an I-20 for their use. Each F-2 dependent should have his or her own I-20 form. Each F-2 dependent I-20 is issued his or her own SEVIS number but an additional SEVIS fee does not need to be paid.  You will be required to show an additional $10,000 in funding for each dependent I-20.

Helpful Websites

Any Questions? Contact:

Victoria Woisin
Associate Director of Student Financial Services, PDSO
Phone: (914) 633-2034