Esports at Iona University

Do you love gaming? Do you tune into to track your favorite gamers? Do the titles “League of Legends” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” make you want to fire up your console and call your friends? Then Esports at Iona University is the place for you!

Whether you are looking to play competitively or just have fun, Esports at Iona University offers something for every type of gamer!

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Iona Esports on Yahoo's In The Know

Follow Iona Esports as Yahoo's In The Know interviews team members and documents their season!

Anay Potter, senior at Iona, discusses being captain of the League of Legends team.

Episode 1: Anaya Potter '23

In episode one of In The Know's Gamer U series, Anaya Potter '23 discusses how she became captain for the League of Legends team.

Watch Anaya's Interview

Dylan Zerafa

Episode 2: Dylan Zerafa '25

Ever wonder what it’s like to win a MAAC championship? Hear how Dylan Zerafa '25 did just that as co-captain of the Rocket League team.

Watch Dylan's Interview

Jack Yioupis

Episode 3: Jack Yioupis ‘25

Jack Yioupis ‘25 discusses how he learns instead of loses and how being co-captain means relationships come first.

Watch Jack's Interview

Eric Cabreja Gamer U

Episode 4: Eric Cabreja '26

Eric discusses how being on a team is almost like playing a different game and the skills needed to be successful.

Watch Eric's Interview

Savannah Durant

Episode 5: Savannah Durant '23

As co-captain of the Valorant team, Savannah is inspiring women to participate in esports.

Watch Savannah's Interview

In the Know: Gamer U, Jean Quinde

Episode 6: Jean Quinde ‘25

Jean, the captain of Iona University’s Call of Duty team, talks competition, celebrating wins and taking care of his teammates.

Watch Jean's Interview

In the Know: Gamer U, Lyndsy Pontillo

Episode 7: Lyndsy Pontillo ‘26

Find out how Lyndsy Pontillo, assistant manager of Iona University's esports team, uses gaming to “match her mood” while finding community and having fun along the way.

Watch Lyndsy's Interview

In the Know: Jake Teto

Episode 8: Jake Teto ‘23

Rocket League esports team captain Jake Teto doesn’t believe in ceilings when it comes to gaming skills. He believes that the secret to his success in the game is his ambition to always keep improving and to never be satisfied with how skilled he is. 

Esports Team

This intercollegiate, competitive program participates in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) and the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF). Currently comprised of thirty-seven members, tryouts are held annually. In their first year, the Iona University Esports Team claimed their first Rocket League Championship in MAAC Tournament history and were a finalist in the Overwatch MAAC Tournament.

If you are interested in learning more about the Esports Team, please contact Coach Anthony Scaccia at

Esports Team Games

The Esports Team currently has five nationally ranked varsity teams and continues to grow with the addition of two new teams to the roster:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)
  • FIFA (PlayStation)
  • Overwatch (PC)
  • Rocket League (Any Platform)
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)
  • League of Legends (PC) NEW
  • Valorant (PC) NEW

Esports Team Hardware

  • Alienware PCs (18)
  • Nintendo Switch (2)
  • PlayStation 5 (2)

League of Legends

  • Anaya Potter - "Bleu9Wolf" - Captain
  • Abraham Samarneh - "Abraham61001" - Captain
  • Lance De Beourg - "LDKILL em"
  • Rajit Singh - "UnderFistAcë"
  • David Kronk - "GhostRider V1"
  • Jalen Ramjohn - "Grizz3ly"
  • Mauro pacsi - "Rohh"
  • David Son - "Beyond"
  • Aidan Holbrook - "Holby12"
  • Emil Bajramovic - "HIGH APM PAIN"
  • Joe Perri - "And Surrender"
  • Michael Malley - "MallaMar"
  • Thomas Burger - "Xenochromatic"
  • Ken Hayes - "Kenneth Kaneki"


FIFA EGF Standings

  • Peter Cacire - Captain
  • Juan Ibarra - Captain
  • Ergys Tafaj
  • Rodrigo Chachaalvaro

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate EGF Standings

  • Justin Edwards - Captain
  • Sean Kane - Co-Captain
  • Jack Boles - Admin
  • Andres Cardeli
  • Christopher Vola
  • Aaron Bailey
  • Joseph Ferrer
  • Brian Massello
  • Jack Yioupis


Overwatch EGF Standings

  • Jacob “Oblivionz” Ventura - Captain
  • Samuel “SamX” Melendez - Co-Captain
  • Charles “Calamity” Sawicki
  • Armando “SyZyGy” Sanchez
  • George “KreVv” Cermak
  • Abbiel “Majin” Polanco (edited)
  • Kenneth "Madara" Hayes
  • Anthony "Antx224" Tortorello
  • Brian "Loftz" Massello
  • Jean "Beanos" Quinde

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

CS:GO EGF Standings

  • Connor Wilkin - Captain
  • Sean Astorino - Co-Captain
  • Savannah Durant
  • Jean Quinde
  • Juzep Cocucci
  • George DeMaso
  • Nick Hunzi


  • Gio "chavy" Yannetta
  • Jay "jay"
  • Matt "Matt"
  • Savannah "savannah" Durant
  • Abbiel "bev" Polanco
  • Eric "eric lui" Lui
  • Jelani "rapacity"

Rocket League

Rocket League EGF Standings

  • Dylan “Deejay.” Zerafa (Captain)
  • Jake “Sir Stondy” Teto (Co-Captain)
  • Ryan “Ryan?” Walker
  • James “Jaszy” Zerafa
  • John Paul “JPDZILY” Michura

Club Esports

Club Esports is ideal for those looking to hone their skills, connect with fellow gamers, or just have fun. With an open-door policy and over 70 members, Club Esports welcomes those who have a love of gaming or are curious and want to give it a try.

Anyone with an interest in gaming is welcomed to stop by the esports room–there are a variety of different game consoles that are available for all students who join the club!

Club Esports Games

  • Halo Infinite
  • Siege
  • Knockout City
  • Minecraft
  • Madden NFL
  • NHL
  • Tekken
  • Fortnite
  • Guilty Gear
  • Destiny
  • Call of Duty
  • Apex Legends
  • And more!

Club Esports Hardware

  • Gaming PCs (5)
  • Xbox One X (3)
  • Xbox One S (2)
  • PlayStation 5 (1)
  • Nintendo Switch (3)

Esports Lounge

Located on the ground floor of the LaPenta Student Union across from Starbucks, Iona University's Esports Lounge offers players a high-quality gaming experience. Students are welcomed to hone their skills in this brand new, state-of-the-art room fully equipped with five gaming-computers, fourteen consoles, ergonomic gaming chairs, and LED lighting.

A student plays a video game facing the camera.
The Esports Lounge at Iona University.
A student plays Rocket League in the esports lounge.
A student plays a video game facing away the cameras.
Bruno plays a game in the esports lounge.

2022 Rocket League MAAC Champions

Congratulations to the Iona University Esports team for taking home the 2022 MAAC Championship in Rocket League!