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Information Systems and Business Analytics Majors

The Information Systems and Business Analytics Department offers a major program in Information Systems leading to a BBA degree. A minor concentration is also available. 

The program in Information Systems recognizes information as a valuable corporate resource which, when properly managed by organizations, can provide a definite competitive advantage to them. Accordingly, the principal objective of the IS program is to develop the skill set necessary to analyze, design, and evaluate an organization's information technology systems. To this end, courses in the program present technical, economic, and behavioral dimensions of computer based information systems whose purpose is to support a firm's information and decision technology infrastructure. Throughout the program there is a great emphasis placed on "hands on" project related work using a variety of applications development tools.

Course Requirements

Students who choose to major in Information Systems must complete seven of the following courses (all are 3 credits):

IS 310 - Analysis and Design of Management Information Systems 
IS 320 - Applications Development with Visual Basic 
IS 335 - Database Management
IS 415 - Big Data Analytics and Business Innovation
IS 430 - Managing Network Systems 
IS 431 - Building Mobile Business Applications
IS 432 - Application of Information Systems Analysis in Business
IS 435 - Risk Analysis and Decision Technology
IS 440 - Audit and Control of Information Systems 
IS 445 - Cybersecurity for Business Resilience
IS 450 - Seminar in Information Systems
IS 465 - Internship in Information Systems
IS 490 - Current Topics in IS