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BS in Math/ MS in Computer Science

This dual five-year program will allow students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Computer Science. This program will help graduates gain understanding of the mathematical foundations of computer science and also technical skills required for mathematical problem solving. It will also help future mathematicians to apply technical skills to test theory and computer scientists to apply mathematical tools to formulate practical problems. This program will prepare graduates to pursue careers in different fields including software and hardware industry, finance industry, mathematical and scientific research, higher education.

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Courses that fulfill both College Core Options and Major Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credits
MTH 231  Calculus I 4
CS 201  Computer Science I 4
PHY 101  General Physics I 4
PHY 102  General Physics II 4

Departmental Courses required for the Program
Course Number Course Name Credits
MTH 232 Calculus II 4
MTH 233 Calculus III 4
MTH 236 Introduction to Proof 3
MTH 250 Linear Algebra 3
MTH 310 Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH 421 Abstract Algebra I 3
MTH 432 Probability and Statistics I 3
MTH 406 or 410 or
411 or 415
Introduction to Topology or Advanced Calculus
or Vector Analysis or Complex Variables
MTH ___ Elective 3
MTH 461 Capstone Seminar 3
  Total required Math credits beyond core 32

Computer Science Courses required for the Program
Course Number Course Name Credits
CS 202 Computer Science II 4
CS 600 Data Structures 3
CS 610 Computer Architecture 3
CS 620 Database Systems 3
CS 630 Programming Languages 3
CS 650 Design of Operating Systems 3
CS ___ Electives (5 courses) 15

CS 780 and CS 784
CS  980 and CS 981

Software Project Development: Design and Software Project Development: Implementation
Thesis Preparation Seminar and Thesis
  Total required Math credits beyond core 40