Science and Technology Entry Program

The Iona University Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) serves students in grades 7-12 for careers in math, science, technology, health-related fields, and licensed professions.

STEP operates with three umbrella programs:

  • Math and Science Academy
  • Engineering and Technology Express Program
  • College Access, Career and Leadership Development Program

The Iona University STEP Medical Summer Camp, in partnership with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, offers an immersive medical experience with hands-on activities such as CPR training, anatomy labs, suturing workshops, and medical simulations. While based at Iona University, participants will also visit the Albert Einstein College for Medicine multiple times weekly for enhanced experiences.

The STEP Math and Science Academy offers two scheduling options for students, one program during the academic year and one during the summer.
The academy offers:

  • Enrichment classes in math and science
  • Tutorial assistance and study groups
  • Career, college, financial aid, and personal counseling
  • Leadership conferences, workshops and research opportunities

The Engineering and Technology Express Program is a multi-session course, in which students in middle school and high school learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI), how AI works, and build a custom project to train their own AI. The curriculum is designed by AIClub scientists and follows the 4C’s approach, where students learn core AI Concepts, learn how real-world AIs work and develop Context, develop hands-on Capability by building many AIs, and apply their creativity to develop an innovative project. The curriculum covers introduction to AI; introduction to Classification; AI Lifecycle; Regression; Python for AI coding elements; AI Ethics; hands-on exercises; and real-world explorations.

Operating on the campuses of partner schools.

This program is currently in review process.

STEP guidelines require that students be:

  • New York State residents – must have lived in New York State for the last two terms of school prior to entry into STEP, or for at least 12 months immediately preceding the first term of participation in the program.
  • Historically underrepresented – Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Alaskan Native, or Native American Indian.
  • Economically disadvantaged – Students who are not underrepresented (e.g., Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Alaskan Native, or Native American Indian) must meet New York State income guidelines.

In addition, students applying to the Math and Science Academy, and the Engineering and Technology Express Program, should show strong interest in math and science, and have a grade point average of B or above in math and/or science.

Admission to the STEP program is competitive and requires students to complete an online application.

Apply Now: Medical Summer Camp

  • Engineering and Technology Express Program: Fall Program 2024 Application will be available October 2024 for participating schools.

Guidance counselors, please complete this recommendation form.

For more information, please email Melissa Solis, program director, at

Every student is expected to be courteous and respectful of the rights and property of all participants, staff members and the University. Cell phone use and listening to music are prohibited in class. Failure to follow guidelines can result in expulsion from the program.

Attendance and participation in class are mandatory.

Contact Us

STEP Program

Melissa Solis, Program Director
Phone: (914) 633-2474

Jermaine BoltonAssistant Director
Phone: (914) 633-2223

Niomi Nunez, Student Advisor
Phone: (914) 633-2433