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Environmental Science (BS)

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Why Environmental Science?

If you are concerned about issues such as pollution, climate change and depletion of natural resources, and you want to understand how these issues occur and what can be done to help protect the environment, including the living organisms (such as humans!) that live in it, then a degree in Environmental Science can set you on your path!

As the world’s commitment to saving our environment grows, Environmental Science is becoming an increasingly valued degree.

Why Study Environmental Science at Iona?

Iona’s values are rooted in inclusion, opportunity, compassion, service to others and stewardship of the earth. Accountability to the environment is an integral part of our identity.

You will learn in small class settings where our faculty will expect the best from you and give you the support you need to succeed. You will be encouraged to think like a scientist – rationally, critically, analytically and ethically.

Your educational experience will extend beyond the classroom, with internships and valuable opportunities to work alongside faculty on research projects.

What You'll Learn

As an environmental science student, you’ll gain an understanding of how the natural world works, the impact humankind has on the environment, and innovative ways to restore the planet.

You will study a range of topics including biology, chemistry and physics, and will come to understand issues such as pollution, climate change and the impact that they have on living organisms.

You will also gain critical skills such as: researching, testing, collecting and analyzing data, communicating complex ideas, collaborating, consulting, and presenting findings.

You will learn to appreciate the role of science in today’s world.

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Program Overview with Dr. Joseph Stabile

Students work hand-in-hand with faculty on research projects across multiple disciplines.

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Program Highlights

Environmental-Focused Community

As an environmental science student at Iona, you can fulfill your passion for the environment in the classroom and beyond! Join the student-run Biology Club or IC Green environmental club, and engage with the Deignan Institute for Earth and Spirit. You can also participate in various events hosted by the Environmental Consortium of Colleges and Universities, which Iona is a member of!

There will be many opportunities to participate in community clean-up service projects, growing plants in on-campus gardens, leading college sustainability efforts, and more! You will join our active, engaged science community that is discovering new ways to make a difference!

Hands-on Fieldwork and Internships

By working with our dedicated faculty, you’ll have hands-on fieldwork opportunities and internships that will broaden your research skills and career connections.

Successful Alumni

Our students go on to professional careers in environmental consulting, environmental government agencies, parks, and healthcare, as well as attend graduate programs (master’s and Ph.D.) in environmental science or ecology.

Careers & Outcomes

Environmental Science graduates are prepared to make an impact on our environment as scientists using research and data. With scientific research skills and the passion for environmental conservation, you will help develop a path to a sustainable future for our Earth!

Job Titles

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Industrial Ecologist
  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Environmental Planner

Environmental scientists may work at:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) logo
Environmental Protection Agency Logo
FEMA logo.
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation logo
City Parks Foundation
NYC Department of Health logo.