Biology Department

If the world of science beckons you, you’ll discover the way forward with our Biology Department.

Whether you want to focus on research and cutting-edge discoveries, support conservation, go on to attend medical school or carve out your own career path, your journey starts here.

You will learn the foundations of biology and be pushed to think outside the box, pioneering concepts and ideas that will take the field further.

You will learn alongside faculty mentors who are active scientists and find a world of opportunities where you can put what you learn in the classroom into action by providing hands-on support for research studies.

You will learn that the next great scientific break-through starts with an idea.

Dr. Kang Discusses Biology Program Offerings at Iona

Mission & Student Outcomes


The mission of the Biology Department is to provide students with a strong foundation in biology and to prepare them to become thoughtful, ethical, and skilled scientists, capable of pursuing a diversity of careers.
(Revised, January 2013)

Student Outcomes

Students who have successfully graduated from Iona University with a degree in Biology or Environmental Science will be able to:

  1. understand and apply the scientific method
  2. demonstrate basic laboratory skills needed for experimentation.
  3. effectively communicate scientific ideas as professionals in the field.
  4. think as (ethical) scientists, being able to critically analyze data and determine the value of the data.
  5. demonstrate a knowledge base of fundamental biological concept

Contact Us

Biology Department

Yourha Kang, Ph.D. 
Department Chair

(914) 633-2260

A student studying neuroscience holds a model of a brain while sitting in a desk in the classroom.