Psychology (MA)

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Why Psychology?

Did you know that we are in the middle of a decade in which psychology-related jobs are slated to soar by nearly 20%? That’s because psychologists develop ingenious ways for helping individuals and businesses solve problems. A master’s degree will put you on track for professional success.

Why Study Psychology at Iona?

Our scientifically grounded training allows faculty and students to identify and solve complex psychosocial problems and meet organizational challenges. We offer two robust masters specializations tailored to your personal interests and professional goals: General-Experimental and Industrial-Organizational.

Program faculty are experts in the field, combining distinguished academic credentials with practical research and real-world experience. You’ll get individualized attention while your academic and professional development is supported by small class sizes and close faculty guidance.

What You’ll Learn

General-Experimental Specialization

This program gives you the opportunity to participate in an rigorous academic experience that includes training in advanced research strategies and provides a strong foundation in quantitative knowledge and skills. You’ll learn best practices in developing experimental research designs and survey methodologies, and become proficient in conducting statistical analyses using the most current technologies.

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Industrial-Organizational Specialization

You can jump-start your career with a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology from Iona I-O has been a hot job over the past several years, according to the Department of Labor.

Iona's I-O specialization follows a scientist-practitioner model, providing an academic experience that matches the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology’s recommended training for master's level programs. I-O psychology allows students to gain insight into human behavior in an organizational or business setting.

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Application Requirements

Two letters of recommendation are required if your GPA is below 3.0. If your overall GPA is 3.0 or higher, you may submit one letter of recommendation, but it must be from an academic reference. At least six credits of psychology courses in quantitative research methods and experimental research methods with a B or higher.

Program Highlights

I-O Internship

Apply the knowledge and skills you learn through your courses to engage in I-O best practices in real-world scenarios. Internship training focuses on areas such as employee recruitment, employee selection, leadership assessment, training design and development, job analysis, performance appraisal, and organizational assessment.

Our I-O graduate students have interned with various organizations including:

  • Viacom
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Westchester County Government
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Mercedes Benz (corporate), Fendi (corporate)
  • YAI Family Services


Research Opportunities

Whether you specialize in General-Experimental or Industrial-Organization, you will have opportunities for hands-on advanced research. You will put the skills you learn in developing research designs and survey methodologies, conducting statistical analyses, and using state-of-the-art hardware and software to real-world studies.

You will work alongside our expert faculty to conduct research and have the opportunity to present your work at professional conferences –preparing you for a variety of research careers and/or the pursuit of a doctoral degree!

Combined Bachelor's & Master's

As a student in the BA in Psychology program, you can streamline your education and and get a jump start on a graduate degree – all in just five years!

Students may apply for admission into our MA in Psychology program prior to the start of junior year. Once admitted, you will take one or more graduate courses each semester to make it possible to complete your MA in your fifth year!

Danielle Idone

I am extremely grateful for the doors that Iona opened for me. Over the past year, as an intern, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.

Danielle Idone '14, '19MA

General-Experimental MA Program Careers & Outcomes

Iona’s General-Experimental MA program will prepare for a variety of research careers and/or the pursuit of a doctoral degree.

Our students have gained admission to prestigious degree programs – Ph.D., PsyD – at such renowned institutions as:

  • Boston University
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Rutgers University
  • Pace University

Industrial-Organizational MA Program Careers & Outcomes

Our Industrial-Organizational MA program paves the way to careers in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, including human resources, employee recruitment and hiring, training and performance appraisal, and organizational assessment.

Our Graduates Have Worked As:

  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Associate Human Resources Analyst
  • Client Engagement Specialist
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Training & Development Specialist
  • Recruitment Coordinator