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Honors Program:
Motivated to Move the World

The Iona College Honors program is designed to meet the educational needs of the most highly motivated students at Iona. Grounded in a challenging curriculum, the program offers gifted students the resources and opportunities to develop their talents and to perform at the peak of their capabilities.

The course of study is designed to develop intellectual curiosity, analytic abilities and awareness of ethical and civic responsibilities. The program encourages the development of a small community of independent learners able to inspire each other academically. It fosters a sense of self-respect in students, encouraging them to stretch their abilities in pursuit of lifelong learning, independent thinking and personal fulfillment.

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Students currently enrolled at Iona College are welcome to apply to join the Honors Program. Students joining the program must complete the entire Honors Core Curriculum; classes taken to fulfill the General Core Curriculum will not fulfill the Honors requirements.

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Student Testimonial

Honors Program alumna Jaclyn Shurman '14 speaks to how the program prepared her to continue on to her graduate studies.

Student Success

Caitlyn’s internship in a NYC museum taught her valuable lessons in working with others to achieve common goals–and move the world.

Caitlyn O'Toole ’14

English and Political Science

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Student Success

The Honors Program offered me the individualized attention I was looking for and has given me the tools to make a difference in the world.

Jessalyn Marconi

Mathematics / Econ major