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Motivated to Move the World.

The Iona College Honors program is designed to meet the educational needs of the most highly motivated students at Iona. Grounded in a challenging curriculum, the program offers gifted students the resources and opportunities to develop their talents and to perform at the peak of their capabilities.
The course of study is designed to develop intellectual curiosity, analytic abilities and awareness of ethical and civic responsibilities. The program encourages the development of a small community of independent learners able to inspire each other academically. It fosters a sense of self-respect in students, encouraging them to stretch their abilities in pursuit of lifelong learning, independent thinking and personal fulfillment.

Highlights of the Honors curriculum

Students in the Honors program may major in any discipline in the School of Arts & Science or the School of Business. The program promotes an appreciation and understanding of the interrelatedness of knowledge and culture by providing a wide range of interdisciplinary courses and opportunities to study abroad. As an Honors student, you will benefit from:
  • Specially designed Honors course offerings and advanced courses, and the opportunity to engage in independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors
  • Small class sizes of approximately 15 students, which encourages participation and promotes a close student-faculty relationship. These seminars are team-taught by two professors from different academic disciplines, exposing students to interdisciplinary perspectives and expanding the students' abilities to examine ideas critically.
  • Close individual guidance, both academically and in terms of career preparation. A faculty committee works with students interested in applying for competitive grants and fellowships and advises them regarding graduate and professional studies
  • A career-mentoring program that enables you to explore career opportunities by matching them with an appropriate alumnus/alumna or corporate liaison
  • All Honors students are required to complete a thesis in their senior year.  The thesis is a substantial research project in an area of scholarship chosen by the student and completed with the guidance of a thesis advisor.  It is a piece of independent research that allows each student to contribute to a field of inquiry, to gain expertise in a specific area of interest to the student academically or professionally, and that demonstrates each student¹s intellectual accomplishments.  The entire thesis process is outlined in the Honors Thesis Handbook.

Honors Privileges

Participants in the Honors Program enjoy other significant privileges, which are geared toward creating an academic environment that supports their dedication to excellence. Privileges include:
  • Six free tuition credits per academic year that may be taken in the winter or summer sessions or as a sixth course during the fall and spring semesters. These free courses can facilitate double majors, accelerate graduation, or broaden the educational experience with no financial burden
  • Priority registration, thereby assuring their ability to receive class preferences
  • Two student representatives serve, along with faculty and administrators, on the Honors Council, the policy making body of the Honors Program
  • Honors students live on an all-honors floor in one of the most desirable residence halls on campus. Residential and commuter honors students enjoy special programming as part of the honors floor, including an honors program Resident Assistant
  • Through the American Express Grant fund, the opportunity to apply for funding to support a wide range of academic pursuits.

The program, which has been in existence for over twenty years, admits an average of 40 freshmen each year. There are approximately 100 students currently enrolled in the program.

Iona Scholarships

The Iona Honors program does not directly award scholarships. However, because of their high academic profile, candidates for the Honors Program qualify for Iona College scholarship assistance, which often extends to either Presidential Scholarships (full tuition) or Dean’s Scholarships ($30,000). 

Student Testimonial

Honors Program alumna Jaclyn Shurman '14 speaks to how the program prepared her to continue on to her graduate studies.

Student Success

Caitlyn’s internship in a NYC museum taught her valuable lessons in working with others to achieve common goals–and move the world.

Caitlyn O'Toole ’14

English and Political Science

Read About Caitlyn

Student Success

The Honors Program offered me the individualized attention I was looking for and has given me the tools to make a difference in the world.

Jessalyn Marconi

Mathematics / Econ major