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Undergraduate Accounting Major

The accounting major qualifies graduates for entry-level positions in management, public and government/nonprofit accounting. The following major courses must be completed achieving a minimum major index of 2.0: ACC 305, ACC 310, ACC 315, ACC 405, ACC 410, ACC 411, ACC 413 and ACC 420. Students planning to qualify for the CPA Exam under the 150-credit requirement must complete IDS 300 as a liberal arts elective and BEC 325 as a business elective. See the information below for the MBA Program in Public Accounting. To start the accounting major students must achieve an average grade of 2.5 (C+) in BUS 201 and BUS 202 with no grade of D in either course. Students may repeat a course or courses to meet this requirement. To continue in the major students must achieve an average grade of 2.0 (C) in all junior/300-level accounting courses.

Undergraduate Accounting Courses (3 Credits Each)

  • Accounting 305 - Intermediate Accounting 1
  • Accounting 310 - Intermediate Accounting 2
  • Accounting 315 - Cost Measurement and Analysis
  • Accounting 316 - Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Accounting 405 - Federal Income Taxation 1
  • Accounting 410 - Federal Income Taxation 2
  • Accounting 411 - Government and Nonprofit Accounting
  • Accounting 420 - Auditing Principles and Procedures