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Undergraduate Marketing Major


For any product or service to succeed it must be made visible and available to its proper market at the right time and the right place for both the consumer and the producer. Consumer needs must be anticipated; products and services to satisfy those needs must be devised and produced. Because marketing is the point of contact between business and society, students majoring in marketing are expected to acquire a broadened understanding of the nature of business and its role in domestic and international environments.

The program in marketing is designed to prepare students for successful careers in the marketing field and for advanced study in business through instruction in the theory and application of effective, modern marketing techniques. The curriculum stresses a combination of classroom and field experience with emphasis given to the utilization of concepts from the behavioral and social sciences. Marketing problem solving is taught through experiential learning techniques including group dynamics and computer simulations.

Course Requirements

All college core requirements (46 credits), free electives (11 credits), the general business core (36 credits) and business electives (6 credits), plus the seven following major courses (21 credits):

  • MKT 301 - Consumer Behavior 
  • MKT 307 - Marketing Communications 
  • MKT 330 - Market Research 
  • MKT 414 - International Marketing 
  • MKT 460 - Marketing Strategy and Planning (capstone)

Plus two additional MKT electives chosen from the following:

  • MKT 302 - Personal Selling and Sales Management
  • MKT 319 - Sports Marketing
  • MKT 350 - Global Fashion Marketing
  • MKT 360 - Global Entertainment Marketing
  • MKT 371 - Global Internet Marketing
  • MKT 385 - Global Green Marketing
  • MKT 402 - Direct and Digital Marketing
  • MKT 403 - Retailing Management
  • MKT 406 - Current Issues in Marketing
  • MKT 416 - International Advertising
  • MKT 418 - Import/Export Management
  • MKT 465 - Marketing Internship

Marketing Major Course Checklists - For Students Entering Iona before Fall 2016

Use these worksheets in conjunction with your PeopleSoft transcript and Marketing Major Plan of Study (also referred to as a "bubble sheet").
View checklist
View blank plan of study
If unsure, consult your PeopleSoft record for the name of your program advisor.


Students interested in marketing are encouraged to consider related courses offered by the departments of Mass Communication, Psychology and Sociology.


The Department conducts a credit-bearing internship program in a select group of organizations in which students are expected to take part in projects and organizational decision-making situations. Senior standing and a faculty recommendation are needed to apply for either a fall, spring, or summer internship position.