Marketing Department

Marketing is the bridge that connect businesses with their customers. In a world where we are bombarded with messages and information all day long, how do businesses ensure that they break through the clutter? Marketing.

Whether you see yourself as an analytical person who enjoys collecting and interpreting data, or a creative person who understands how to communicate the right message to the right people at the right time, you will find your right path in our Marketing Department.

You will gain a solid foundation in all areas of marketing, from research and consumer behavior through strategy and branding. You will learn from our expert faculty, which includes both cutting-edge consumer researchers and marketing professionals, how marketing is used throughout the global marketplace and how marketing influences demand for products that a wide range of products—from bars of soap to automobiles—that are manufactured and sold by everyone from boutique entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

You will be prepared to master the world of marketing.

Iona University Marketing Students Work to Solve Real-World Challenges

With Iona’s vast connections and being in the backyard of New York City, the University’s Marketing Department provides the perfect blend of academic research and practical experience from the field.  

Within their coursework, Iona students get the opportunity to tackle real-world marketing challenges, working directly with clients such as The New York Times, ASPCA and many others.  


Emily Recco ‘22 “Finds the Good” in her community and new business

"Dr. Hamerman pushed me to be my greatest self in and out of the classroom. He saw the potential in me before I saw it in myself, and for that, I am forever grateful."

Mission, Vision & Core Values


The LaPenta School of Business provides students with a high-value business education through its accomplished and caring faculty, dedicated alumni, and advantageous location in the New York City metropolitan area with its abundance of learning and career opportunities. We pride ourselves on developing highly competent, global-minded, and entrepreneurial business leaders with a strong ethical and social commitment.

Vision and Core Values

We deliver an enriching, personalized educational experience that helps each student unlock opportunities and make a difference.

We are guided by the following Core Values:

  • Serve our students and other stakeholders through outstanding teaching, research, and experiential learning activities.
  • Expand access to business education by ensuring affordability, supporting student success, and adopting innovative delivery methods.
  • Promote respect for others and their contributions in order to prepare students for success in a diverse and dynamic global business environment.
  • Encourage intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of new ideas and creative solutions to business problems to serve the needs of our stakeholders and society in general.
  • Build partnerships and collaborate with alumni, industry, and the community to improve business education and practice for the benefit of our students and the development of our communities.
  • Embrace transparency, accountability, and compliance with professional standards to maintain a learning environment of mutual trust and support.

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Marketing and International Business Department

Eric Hamerman, Ph.D.
Department Chair

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