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Stage during a musical performance

Move the World Through Arts Leadership

Students in the BA in Arts Leadership program are multi-taskers; as varied in their interests as there are arts disciplines to be involved with. The students in this program study to be leaders in the administration of the arts in the variety of areas of music, dance and theatre. Are you interested in managing a box office, a band, or running a music or dance studio? Do you want to advocate for the arts with local and state leadership? Then this is the degree for you. In this program you will hone your skills in a chosen arts discipline (music, dance or theatre) as well as develop your business and public communication skills so that you can work in the administrative and management side of the exciting world of the performing arts.

A Unique Program

A truly interdisciplinary degree, the BA in Arts Leadership combines the expertise in the departments of Fine and Performing Arts and Mass Communication, and the School of Business. Students select a concentration in music, dance or theatre, joining our active performance ensembles but at the same time learning how to apply communication and business skills to the production of the arts. An integral part of the program is the Internship senior year, followed by a capstone project that can serve as an entry to the working world. As the arts are inherently entrepreneurial, students will be involved with the opportunities and activities at the Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Program Outline

Students take 21 credits in their chosen discipline, six of which are a performance ensemble. Included in the 21 credits is the internship and capstone projects. Students may elect to complete a second internship as well.
Other required credits include nine credits in foundational business courses and nine credits in communications.
There is ample opportunity for electives in any of these areas.

Five-Year MBA Option

Students who achieve the required GPA in their foundational business courses will qualify for the School of Business MBA program. This master’s course of study can be completed in one calendar year and students take the concentration in Sports, Entertainment and Media.

Course Offerings and Requirements

Arts Leadership majors take courses in the Fine and Performing Arts and Mass Communication departments, and the School of Business.

Fine and Performing Arts Department

Arts Leadership majors select a Performing Arts Concentration in music, theatre or dance.

Total credits: 21

Required Performance Ensemble

Choose from or combine 6 credits based on selected concentration:

FPA 360 – Instrumental Ensemble 1 credit; Fall & Spring
Pre-req. – see instructor
FPA 388 – Vocal Ensemble 1 credit; Fall & Spring
Pre-req. – see instructor
FPA 105 – Piano Instruction 1 credit
Note: Music Ensemble/Pianos may be taken interchangeably for the 6 credits
FPA 340 – Dance Ensemble 1 credit; Fall & Spring
Pre-req. – see instructor
FPA 391 – Play Production: Theory and Application 3 credits; Fall & Spring
Pre-req. – see instructor

Required FPA Academic

Choose from 9 credits in the chosen concentration:

FPA 209 – Women in Music 3 credits; Spring
FPA 235 – Music in Film and Video 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 236 – History of Popular Music in America 3 credits; Spring
FPA 237 – Music in World Cultures 3 credits; Fall
FPA 238 – Music History: Medieval to Baroque 3 credits; Fall
FPA 239 – Music History: Classical to Modern 3 credits; Spring
FPA 359 – Music Theory* 3 credits; Fall
*Required course

FPA 205 – Introduction to the Theatre* 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 207 – Shakespeare in Performance 3 credits; Summer
FPA 225 – Theatre History: Ancient Greek to the Renaissance 3 credits; Fall
FPA 226 – Theatre History: Renaissance to Modern 3 credits; Spring
FPA 230 – Introduction to Acting 3 credits; Fall & Spring
*Required course

FPA 220 – Dance Appreciation 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 240 – Introduction to World Dance Forms 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 244 – Introduction to Ballet 3 credits; Spring
FPA 245 – Introduction to Choreography* 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 250 – Modern Dance I 3 credits; Fall & Spring
FPA 260 – Jazz Dance 3 credits; TBA
*Required course

Required Internship & Capstone Project (6 credits)

FPA 403 – FPA Internship*

One semester internship either in the Fine and Performing Arts Department (Promotion/management of FPA semester productions) or in an external organization. Students meet weekly with the internship professor to discuss assigned readings and experiences in the internship.

Sample locations for internships:
  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
  • Westchester Arts Council
  • Signature Theatre
  • Manhattan Theatre Club
  • The Atlantic Theatre Company
  • Movement Research
  • Baryshnikov Arts Center
  • Hoff-Barthelson Music School
3 credits; Fall
FPA 404 – FPA Capstone*

The following are samples:
  • Proposal for community arts installation.
  • Community outreach proposals (public schools, rehabilitation centers, pre-schools, etc.).
  • Proposal for Arts Festival in a municipality or at Iona College.
  • Proposal for management or coordinator of a theatre event or production in a municipality or at Iona College. 
  • Proposal for supervisor, marketing, producer or administrator position of a theatre event or production in a municipality or at Iona College. 
  • Proposal developed by the student and with the approval of the department.
3 credits; Spring
*Required course

School of Business (9 credits)

BUS 220 – Principles of Management* 3 credits; Fall & Spring
BUS 201 – Principles of Financial Accounting* 3 credits; Fall
BUS 240 – Principles of Marketing* 3 credits; Fall & Spring
*Required course
BUS 220 and BUS 240 require sophomore standing as a pre-requisite.

Mass Communication Department (9 credits)

Mass Communication (6 credits)
MCO 213 – Introduction to Public Relations* 3 credits; Fall & Spring
Students choose one from:
MCO 230 – Digital Literacy 3 credits
MCO 311 – Organizational Communication 3 credits
MCO 394 – Reporting and Writing for Business, Arts, Culture and Entertainment 3 credits
MCO 410 – Public Relations Cases 3 credits
Speech Communication Studies
SCS304 – Public Speaking for Business and Professionals* 3 credits
*Required course

Total Required Credits: 39

All students at Iona College take courses in the College Core. Required courses in the core are geared toward the Arts Leadership major:

ENG 120 – Communication Skills 3 credits; Fall & Spring
CS 142 – Website Design 3 credits
FPA (200-level class, outside of chosen concentration) 3 credits; Fall & Spring
MTH 134 – Brief Calculus 3 credits