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Stage during a musical performance

Move the World Through Arts Leadership

Students in the BA in Arts Leadership program are multi-taskers; as varied in their interests as there are arts disciplines to be involved with. The students in this program study to be leaders in the administration of the arts in the variety of areas of music, visual arts, dance and theatre. Are you interested in managing a box office, a band, or running a music or dance studio? Do you want to advocate for the arts with local and state leadership? Then this is the degree for you. In this program you will hone your skills in a chosen arts discipline (music, visual arts, dance or theatre) as well as develop your business and public communication skills so that you can work in the administrative and management side of the exciting world of the performing arts.

A Unique Program

A truly interdisciplinary degree, the BA in Arts Leadership combines the expertise in the departments of Fine and Performing Arts and Mass Communication, and the School of Business. Students select a concentration in music, visual arts, dance or theatre, joining our active performance ensembles but at the same time learning how to apply communication and business skills to the production of the arts. An integral part of the program is the Internship senior year, followed by a capstone project that can serve as an entry to the working world. As the arts are inherently entrepreneurial, students will be involved with the opportunities and activities at the Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Program Outline

Students take 21 credits in their chosen discipline, six of which are a performance ensemble. Included in the 21 credits is the internship and capstone projects. Students may elect to complete a second internship as well.
Other required credits include nine credits in foundational business courses and nine credits in communications.
There is ample opportunity for electives in any of these areas.

Course Offerings and Requirements

Arts Leadership majors take courses in the Fine and Performing Arts and Mass Communication departments, and the School of Business.