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The Music Minor at Iona College

The Music Minor program provides the student with the opportunity to continue their music studies and to expand their breadth of knowledge and performance experience through a wide variety of course options as well as performance opportunities in Instrumental and Vocal ensembles.

Students are required to take Music Theory and Instrumental and/or Vocal Ensemble and can choose from any of the academic classes for an 18-credit minor. Of those 18 credits, 15 are in music and 3 are in another arts discipline, so that the music minor student can make connections between arts disciplines.

All instrumentalists are encouraged to pursue the music minor, whether from the rock, jazz or classical musical worlds. Vocalists experience a variety of musical styles in the Vocal Ensemble. There are a minimum of two concerts per year with periodic extra performance on and off campus.

Students interested in the Music Minor should contact Dr. Patricia Smith, Director of the Music Program, at (914) 633 - 2506 or

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