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Psychology brings science and compassion together to move the world

Psychologists have developed ingenious ways of helping people solve problems, thereby influencing the quality of life for millions of people. If you are intrigued by human behavior and inspired by the potential to make a difference, welcome to the Psychology Department at Iona. Our students learn how to apply the scientific skills, practices, procedures and strategies of psychology to solve problems, improve the lives of others––and move the world.

Advanced learning and research

As a psychology major at Iona, you will benefit from small classes taught by accomplished faculty, who are practicing professionals, actively engaged researchers, and outstanding teachers. While our programs are demanding, our high student success rate reflects the high degree of personal attention and support you will receive as you pursue your studies.

Our graduate and undergraduate programs focus on the science of human behavior, understanding the biological, social, emotional and cognitive processes that affect that behavior.  In courses that range from quantitative methods to personality theory to applied psychology, you’ll develop your analytical skills and your communication skills; and you will have many exciting opportunities to pursue research projects in the field. Iona psychology students regularly engage in original research and present their findings at local, regional, and national conferences.

Outstanding fieldwork and internship opportunities

Iona’s location just 20 miles north of midtown Manhattan provides enviable internship and career opportunities. It is quite common for Iona students to be hired by organizations in the NY metropolitan area as well as Westchester and Fairfield counties, often after completing internships in a wide variety of sites such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Schools
  • Rehab facilities
  • Human resource departments
  • Research companies
  • Financial services firms
  • Guidance offices
  • Training and coaching organizations

Drug and Alcohol Abuse (DAA) Studies Program

Well-trained and devoted drug and alcohol abuse counselors are in great demand in today’s society. If you are interested in a dynamic and meaningful career helping others, our DAA program is an excellent choice. The program fulfills New York State’s educational requirement for the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) qualification. After completing your eight courses at Iona, you will be qualified to begin the work experience required for the CASAC credential. Our program is an Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) approved program. Please note that our program does not provide graduates with the CASAC; it does fulfill the educational requirements to register with the state and become a CASAC-T (trainee).

New Neuroscience Minor

A female student sitting at a desk holding a model of a human brain
Neuroscience is the scientific study of the development, structure, and function of the brain and nervous system, and its impact on thinking and behavior in both healthy and diseased states. Through this minor, students will take related courses from three different departments in order to gain current knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help prepare them for careers in this important and leading edge field.
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Student Success: Danielle Idone '14, '19MA

Danielle Idone

Danielle confirmed her passion for school psychology through real-world experiential learning opportunities offered through Iona.

“I am extremely grateful for the doors that Iona opened for me. Over the past year, as an intern, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.”

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Student Success: Jillian Cea '21MA

Jillian Cea

“I love how my program has a small student to professor ratio, and I really get individual attention and support from my professors.”

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