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Faculty & Staff

Brian Cesario, Ph.D.

Brian Cesario

Assistant Professor
Graduate Coordinator, I/O

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2372
Degrees: Ph.D., Northcentral University
MA, Iona College, 2004
BA, Iona College

Dr. Brian Cesario teaches undergraduate courses in quantitative research methods, personnel psychology and experimental psychology. He teaches graduate courses in professional and legal issues in psychology, quantitative research methods, advanced concepts, survey research methods in industrial-organizational psychology, work motivation and employee engagement, and consulting and organizational change. Dr. Cesario also supervises graduate students working on their thesis. His research interests are in workplace violence and aggression, survey/questionnaire construction, and training program evaluation.

Paul A. Greene, Ph.D.

Paul A. Greene

Assistant Chair, Psychology Department

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2048
Degrees: Ph.D., Long Island University
BA, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Paul Greene teaches courses in personality theory, abnormal psychology, counseling theory and practice, community psychology and traumatology, and senior seminar. He is a clinical, New York State licensed psychologist with interests in psychotherapy for individuals and couples, professional ethics, trauma and disaster response. He has published in the areas of treatment, suicide prevention, trauma and disaster response.
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Oksana Huk, PsyD

Oksana Huk

Assistant Professor

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 637-7784
Degrees: PsyD, St. Johns University
MS, St. Johns University
BA, State University of New York at New Paltz

Dr. Oksana Huk teaches courses in contemporary issues in school psychology, professional issues and legal requirements, and intellectual and educational assessment. She also oversees students in the School Psychology I & II internship, as well as the School Psychology practicum. Her research interests include resiliency, burnout, and practical applications of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Colleen Jacobson, Ph.D.

Colleen Jacobson

Associate Professor

Chair, Psychology Department

Coordinator, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Studies Program

Assistant Director for Social Sciences, Iona College Honors Program

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 637-2770
Degrees: PostDoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University/The New York State Psychiatric Institute
Ph.D., Fordham University

BA, Rutgers University

Dr. Colleen Jacobson is a licensed clinical psychologist who teaches courses in abnormal psychology, violence toward the self, experimental psychology, theories of personality, psychopathology, and ethics. Her recent research and publications focus on the epidemiology, phenomenology, classification, and treatment of self-injurious and suicidal behaviors among adolescents and young adults. Dr. Jacobson has recently become interested in how technology and social media affect the well-being of youth, including engagement in self-injurious behaviors. In 2018, she was awarded the Irene H. Hamerbacher Outstanding Faculty Research Award and her work has been published in several academic journals and featured in the news media, including HLN.
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The Otherways Lab

Kisok Richard Kim, Ph.D.

Kisok Richard Kim

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator, Experimental

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2232
Degrees: Ph.D., New York University
BA, Yonsei University

Dr. Kisok Richard Kim teaches courses in cognition and learning, general psychology, psychology of learning, quantitative research methods, and experimental research methods. He is also interested in political psychology and psychology of religion, and has been studying various factors underlying liberal-conservative political orientation and cross-cultural comparisons of religious and supernatural beliefs.
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Nilofer Naqvi, Ph.D.

Nilofer Naqvi

Assistant Professor

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2379
Degrees: Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY
MA, Columbia University, Teacher’s College
BA, University of Reading

Dr. Naqvi teaches courses in dynamics of group process, behavioral assessment and intervention, intellectual assessment, personality assessment, and advanced lifespan development. Her research interests are in the identification and assessment of children with disabilities specifically Autism, in low and middle income countries.
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Brandon M. Ring, Ph.D.

Brandon M. Ring

Assistant Professor

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2378
Degrees: Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Dr. Brandon Ring teaches Quantitative Research Methods For The Behavioral Sciences I, Personality Assessment and I/O Practicum. His research interests include organizational behavior management, applied behavior analysis, behavioral systems analysis, and performance improvement.

Patricia Oswald, Ph.D.

Patricia Oswald


Director & Coordinator of Internships

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2374
Degrees: Ph.D., Social and Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
M.Phil.,Social and Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
MA, Psychological Assessment and Counseling, Long Island University
BA, State University of New York

Dr. Patricia Oswald teaches courses on both the undergraduate and graduate levels in general psychology, introductory statistics, advanced statistics, social and personality psychology, work performance prediction and assessment. She also advises students in psychology internships. Her research interests include the areas of leadership style; self-promotion and selection; empathy and helping behavior; organizational issues related to gender-based stereotyping, work roles, and selection; and using technology to teach psychology. Dr. Oswald also enjoys exploring the use of technology in teaching, especially in her quantitative research methods courses.
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John L. Theodore, Ph.D.

John L. Theodore

Associate Professor

Graduate Coordinator, Mental Health
Program Director, MA in Mental Health Counseling

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor, Room 010
Phone: (914) 633-2164
Degrees: Ph.D., Yeshiva University
BA, SUNY at Binghamton

Dr. John Theodore teaches courses at the undergraduate level in developmental psychology, psychological tests and measurements, psychology of human sexuality, and social psychology. On the graduate level he teaches courses in basic interviewing and counseling practices, behavioral assessment and intervention, and he oversees the internship for Mental Health Counseling students in community/clinical. His current research interests involve psychosocial issues in individuals afflicted with infectious diseases. Dr. Theodore's scientific contributions have included original research and presentations related to HIV, quality of patient care, cardiovascular health, depression, sexual risk-taking behavior and substance abuse.
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Sarah Wong-Goodrich, Ph.D.

Sarah Wong-Goodrich

Assistant Professor

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2636
Degrees: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Behavioral Neuroscience, National Institute of Mental Health
Ph.D., Psychology & Neuroscience, Duke University
MA, Experimental Psychology, California State University, Fullerton
BA, Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Sarah Wong-Goodrich teaches courses in introductory psychology, introductory statistics, research methods, brain and behavior, and hormones and behavior. Her current research interests include extending animal models of learning and memory to humans, with a specific interest in the functional contribution of adult hippocampal neurogenesis to human memory. Dr. Wong-Goodrich’s research and publications have focused on various animal models to investigate the regulation and neural substrates of learning and memory in both healthy and diseased states, with a specific emphasis on hippocampal function and plasticity.
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Katherine Zaromatidis, Ph.D.

Katherine Zaromatidis

Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator, School Psychology

Program Director, MA School Psychology
Director of Graduate Studies, School of Arts & Science

Office: Doorley Hall, Ground Floor
Phone: (914) 633-2375
Degrees: Ph.D., Clinical/School Psychology, Hofstra University
MA, Clinical/School Psychology, Hofstra University
BA, Fordham University

Dr. Katherine Zaromatidis teaches courses in literature review, psychopathology, and advanced lifespan development. Her research interests include psychoeducational assessment and counseling as it applies to the school setting.

Faculty Emeriti

Pauline Jirik-Babb, Ph.D.

Student Success: Danielle Idone '14, '19MA

Danielle Idone

Danielle confirmed her passion for school psychology through real-world experiential learning opportunities offered through Iona.

“I am extremely grateful for the doors that Iona opened for me. Over the past year, as an intern, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.”

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Student Success: Jillian Cea '21MA

Jillian Cea

“I love how my program has a small student to professor ratio, and I really get individual attention and support from my professors.”

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