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MA in Psychology

General-Experimental Specialization

The General-Experimental program gives students the opportunity to participate in an academically rigorous and challenging experience that includes training in advanced research strategies and provides a strong foundation in quantitative knowledge and skills. Students learn best practices in developing experimental research designs and survey methodologies, and become proficient in conducting statistical analyses using the most current hardware and software available. The MA in General-Experimental program prepares students for a variety of research careers and/or the pursuit of a doctoral degree. Core program faculty are experts in the field, combining distinguished academic credentials with practical research experience. Individualized attention is provided including small class sizes and close faculty guidance that supports students’ academic and professional development.


General-Required Core Courses


Complete all of the following required courses (24 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 602
Proseminar in Personality and Social Psychology
PSY 603
Experimental Research Methods
PSY 605
Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology: Advanced Concepts
PSY 607
Professional Issues and Ethics in Psychology
PSY 611 Physiological Psychology
PSY 622
Lifespan Development
PSY 634 Cognition and Learning
PSY 646 Survey Methodology in Industrial-Organizational Psychology


General-Experimental Elective Courses


Choose any three courses from the following (9 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 610
Psychological Applications of Multivariate Statistics
PSY 613
PSY 616
The Psychology of Exceptional Individuals
PSY 617
Health Psychology
PSY 618
Understanding and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
PSY 620
Dynamics of Group Processes
PSY 623
Stress: Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Components
PSY 629
Conflict Resolution
PSY 649
Personnel Psychology

General-Experimental Culminating Course

A minimum of 18 credits must be completed before departmental permission is granted to enroll in one of the following required courses (3 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 681
Thesis Supervision
PSY 683 Literature Review

Total required credits for MA General-Experimental program = 36