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MA in Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Specialization

Jump-start your career with a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology! I-O is a “hot job” and shows job increases through 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Iona's Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology program follows a scientist-practitioner model, providing an academic experience that matches the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology’s recommended training for master's level I-O psychology programs. Iona’s I-O faculty mentors are experts in their field, combining strong academic credentials with real-world, applied experience. Faculty routinely work on research projects with students, and many students who conduct research with faculty have the opportunity to present their work at professional conferences. Our small faculty-to-student ratio provides students with personal attention and hands-on support in their coursework, in finding internships, and in their professional development. Five defining characteristics of our program:

  • Skilled professors who provide a high level of preparation for students' future professional work
  • An environment that is academically rigorous and challenging
  • Caring mentors who provide one-on-one attention and support
  • Best practices in field of I-O emphasized in all course work
  • Small classes

Industrial-Organizational Required Courses

Complete all of the following required courses (30 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 602
Proseminar in Personality and Social Psychology
PSY 605
Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology: Advanced Concepts
PSY 607
Professional Issues and Ethics in Psychology
PSY 638 Personality Assessment
PSY 646 Survey Methodology in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSY 649 Personnel Psychology
PSY 651 Work Performance Prediction and Assessment
PSY 672
Research Methods in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSY 675 Work Motivation
PSY 676 Training and Development

Industrial-Organizational Elective Courses

Choose any two courses from the following (6 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 617
Health Psychology
PSY 618 Understanding and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
PSY 620 Dynamics of Group Processes
PSY 623 Stress: Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Components
PSY 629
Conflict Resolution*
PSY 653 Compensation Management
PSY 678 Consulting and Organizational Change*
*Recommended electives for I-O students

Industrial-Organizational Culminating Courses

A minimum of 24 credits must be completed before departmental permission is granted to enroll in the following required courses (6 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 660 Practicum in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSY 681
Thesis Supervision

Total required credits for MA Industrial-Organizational program = 42

I-O Internship