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BA in Psychology

Did you know that between 2014-2024, psychology-related jobs are expected to soar 19% – much faster than average? (Source: American Psychological Association)

Psychology Brings Science and Compassion Together
to Move the World

Psychologists have developed ingenious ways of helping people solve problems, thereby influencing the quality of life for millions of people. If you are intrigued by human behavior and inspired by the potential to make a difference, welcome to the Psychology Department at Iona. Our students learn how to apply the scientific skills, practices, procedures and strategies of psychology to solve problems, improve the lives of others — and move the world.
Advanced Learning and Research
As a psychology major at Iona, you will benefit from small classes taught by accomplished faculty, who are practicing professionals, actively engaged researchers, and outstanding teachers. While our programs are demanding, our high student success rate reflects the degree of personal attention and support you will receive as you pursue your studies.

Core Courses

Complete the following required courses to satisfy core and major prerequisites (6 credits):
Course Number Course Name Credits
PSY 201 General Psychology I 3
PSY 202 General Psychology II 3


Required Psychology Major Courses

Complete the following required courses (6 credits):
Course Number Course Name Credits
PSY 323 Quantitative Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences I 3
PSY 390 Experimental Psychology I 3


Required Psychology Elective Courses

The BA in Psychology requires an additional 18 credits selected from the list of electives below (15 credits) and capstone (3 credits) courses:
Course Number Course Name Credits
PSY 321 The Psychology of Human Sexuality 3
PSY 324 Quantitative Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences II 3
PSY 331 Personnel Psychology 3
PSY 336 Psychological Tests and Measurements 3
PSY 338 History and Systems: Psychology of Learning 3
PSY 339 History and Systems: Personality Theory 3
PSY 341 Brain, Mind, and Behavior 3
PSY 342 Violence Toward the Self 3
PSY 412 Social Psychology 3
PSY 441 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 445 Hormones and Behavior 3
PSY 461 Abnormal Psychology 3


Required Capstone

Complete at least one course from the following capstone options (3 credits):
Course Number Course Name Credits
PSY 491 Experimental Psychology II 3
PSY 493 Individual Experimental Research 3
PSY 496 Senior Seminar 3

Total credits required for this major: 30