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Psychology Minor

Why minor in psychology?

Psychology is the science that seeks to understand people and how they relate to their environment. The knowledge base acquired through a minor in psychology contributes to performance in all types of employment settings including education, business, criminal justice, and the health professions. Understanding the why and how of human behavior and thought is useful for any career. The Psychology minor offers students the flexibility to select psychology courses that best compliment their major and support their career goals.

Psychology Minor Requirements

Complete all of the following required courses (12 credits):
Course Number Course Name
PSY 201 General Psychology I
PSY 202 General Psychology II
PSY 323 Quantitative Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences I
PSY 390 Experimental Psychology I

Choose any two courses from the following (6 credits):

Course Number Course Name
PSY 324 Quantitative Research Methods for Behavioral Sciences II
PSY 331 Personnel Psychology
PSY 336 Psychological Test and Measurements
PSY 338 History and Systems: Psychology of Learning
PSY 339 History and Systems: Personality Theory
PSY 341 Physiological Psychology
PSY 412 Social Psychology
PSY 441 Developmental Psychology
PSY 461 Abnormal Psychology

Total credits for Psychology Minor = 18