Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Let your curiosity about the natural world and eagerness to make an impact lead you to our Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.

Whether you are an aspiring scientist, physician, or business professional, you will be mentored by expert faculty who will guide you to apply the essentials of chemistry in new and innovative ways. From the food we eat and the air we breathe to medicines that cure diseases, you will be prepared to lead breakthrough discoveries.

Iona University Chemistry Students Showcase Findings in San Francisco

From the science labs of Cornelia Hall all the way to San Francisco, nine Iona University undergraduate students recently presented their research findings at the American Chemical Society conference alongside their mentor, Dr. Sunghee Lee, a Board of Trustees endowed professor in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.

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ACS SF Fall 2023 participants in fron the Proud to be a Chemist backdrop.
Jamie Gudyka

What interests me most about biochemistry is how the research connects to health and medicine. There are so many aspects to biology and chemistry that can be used to investigate difficult challenges that arise in the world of healthcare and medicine.

Jamie Gudyka ’24, ACS Biochemistry Major
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Careers in Science Program

Careers in Science is a program established to provide information about career opportunities in the sciences and in science-related fields to Iona students.

You will have a chance to meet accomplished professionals in many areas of science and talk face-to-face about your interests with experts in the field!

Careers in Science Program

Sunghee Lee works with a student in her lab.

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Located on the lower level of Cornelia Hall, the Research Lab is just one of the labs used by students taking science courses. With state-of-the-art equipment, the labs provide valuable hands-on research experience, right on campus!

Cornelia Research Lab

A female student in a white lab coat works on a chemistry experiment.

Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department is dedicated to academic excellence within the heritage of the Christian Brothers and in the tradition of American Catholic higher education. Our Department is committed to providing students with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of chemical science and to preparing them to think critically and ethically about the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in pursuit of their career choices.
(Revised, January 2013)

Student Learning Outcomes

Our degree programs are designed to ensure that graduates:

  • S1 (Content Knowledge) Have the critical background required for mastery in a particular scientific discipline
  • S2 (Communication) Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in written and oral forms
  • S3 (Collaboration) Demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams
  • S4 (Critical Thinking) Develop the habits and skills of critical thinking
  • S5 (Contemporary Issues) Become lifelong learners and decision makers adaptable to new information and technologies
  • S6 (Career) Enter career positions in industry, pursue graduate studies, enter professional schools, and teach sciences

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Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Kathleen E. Kristian, Ph.D.
Department Chair

(914) 633-2341

Dr. Sunghee Lee works looks at data on a computer with a student in the lab.