Defer Enrollment

Students admitted through Fall Freshmen admissions are permitted to defer/postpone their enrollment for up to one year (two academic semesters) in order to pursue non-academic interests and experiences. An exception will be made for students who must complete two years of mandatory national military service; in these cases, a two-year deferment will be permitted. No academic coursework may be taken during the deferment time and students may only defer their enrollment once.

To defer your enrollment, students must first enroll at Iona University and submit the enrollment deposit by the deadline stated in your admission letter. This deposit is non-refundable and be will credited towards your first semester at Iona University. You must then make a formal request to defer your enrollment to Ryan DePuy, director of Admissions at All requests to defer enrollment must be received by August 1 for Fall semester students and December 1 for Spring semester students.

After the Request to Defer has been submitted and approved, the student will be notified of their deferment status at Iona University. While in deferment it is the responsibility of the student to keep their contact information up to date as students will continue to receive communications in regards to their status and enrollment during the deferment period.

The Conditions of Deferment are as follows:

  • Students in deferment may not enroll at another academic institution for the completion of college credit.
  • Students are required to enroll at Iona University stated in their formal request of deferment.
  • Students are required to produce an Official Final High School Transcript indicating successful completion of current academic coursework and graduation.

Failure to meet the conditions outlined above will result in the forfeiture of Enrollment Deposit. For more information, please contact Ryan DePuy, director of Undergraduate Admissions at