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MA in Public Relations

Required Core Courses

PR 604 Applied Communications Research
PR 605 Media Law and Ethics
PR 609 Writing for the Media
PR 615 Principles of Public Relations
PR 616 Public Relations Campaigns
PR 617 Media Relation
PR 629 Converged Technologies for Public Relations


21 Total Credits

Culminating Experience

PR 980 Thesis/Project Preparation
PR 981 Thesis/Project

- Or -

Test Option (0 credits)
Comprehensive Exam
1 - 10 Page Paper


Thesis/ Project

6 Total Credits


Elective Courses


PR 601 Theories of Communication
PR 611 Corporate Communication
PR 613 Organizational Communication
PR 618 Public Relations for Non-Profit Organization
PR 621 Writing for Organizations
PR 622 Electronic Graphics and Publication Design
PR 623 Fundraising for Institutional Development
PR 624 Business and Professional Presentations
PR 625 International Communication
PR 628 Public Relations for Entertainment and Sports
PR 631 Integrated Marketing Communication
PR 638 Investor Relations
PR 639 Community and Government Relations
PR 691-5 Special Topics in Communication
PR 699 Internship in Communication
PR 999 Independent Study in Communication




9 or 15 Credits

Option A (Thesis/ Project)

Graduation Equation:

Core Courses (7)

Thesis/Project (2)

Electives (3)

Total 36 Credits

Option B (Culminating Experience)*

Graduation Equation:

Core Courses (7)

Electives (5)

Total 36 Credits

* includes a 4-hour exam and a 10-page paper


Graduation Requirements:

  • Completion of the required 36 credits, including the seven core courses and three electives for option A or five electives for option B.

  • A minimum 3.0 G.P.A.

  • Acceptance of the Thesis/Project or a Pass on both the Comprehensive Examination and 10-page paper

  • All requirements must be completed within five years from the date of entry in degree program.