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In the Media & Strategic Communication Department, we recognize the importance of having work experience on your resume before your graduate. We also know what it takes to succeed in today's business climate.

Our internship program was developed to compliment the learning you receive in the classroom, while at the same time, ensuring you gain valuable experience and contacts in the corporate world. Iona College's proximity to New York City, the communications capital of the world, provides unlimited opportunities for internship placements. The department has also created strong ties with companies throughout the tri-state area.

The bottom line is that no matter what your area of specialization or where you want to work, our internship program can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Program Description

The Media & Strategic Communication Department is pleased to offer both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain valuable practical skills while earning credits towards their degree. MSC 498 (for undergraduates) and PR 699 (for graduates) are offered continually throughout the year to afford students flexibility with scheduling. Students must complete a minimum of 90 hours of work during their internship. These hours must be spread out over the full semester.

Aside from the work that is completed on the job site, students are responsible for attending periodic class meetings and submitting regular progress reports. The final grade for the internship is based on the progress reports and the supervisor's report submitted at the end of the internship.

To receive credit for an internship, students must be registered in either MSC 498 or PR 699 prior to starting the internship. Both of these courses require permission of the advisor to register (closed course card).


The Media & Strategic Communication Department, in concert with Iona College, is committed to assisting our students with finding the internship opportunity which best suits their interests and career goals. Although students are responsible for finding their own internship, there are several resources available to aid them with their search.

Throughout the year the Gerri Ripp Center at Iona College sponsors on campus internship fairs featuring companies from Westchester County, New York City and surrounding areas. These internship fairs are open to all students and provide valuable industry contacts.

In addition, Iona College's Career Services department offers ongoing employment and internship related services to students and alumni.

The Media & Strategic Communication Department maintains several additional resources designed specifically for our students. The main source of internship information is the Internship Bulletin Board located in the hallway on the 3rd floor of Murphy Center. The Media & Strategic Communication Internship Bulletin Board features current positions that companies have sent directly to the department. These positions are sorted by specialty area for quick and easy referral.

An online listing of current and past internship information is available online. Please note, internships are listed in the order they were received. Students interested in current opportunities should start at the top of the list.

Past postings are stored in the Media & Strategic Communication Library (3rd Floor, Murphy Center) in the internship binders. These binders serve as excellent resources for those people looking for contact information for a variety of companies.

Students enrolled in MSC 498 or MSC 699 are reminded that the course instructors are there to assist them with their internship search and provide guidance with the selection of their internship location.

Past Internship Locations

Curious to find out what types of companies offer internships? Students from both our undergraduate and graduate classes have completed internships with the following companies:

103.5 KTU

Alt 92.3

Antiques Magazine


New York

Billboard Talent Net

Brooklyn Nets


CBS News

CBS Sports Radio

Entertainment Tonight

European Journalism Network

Fox News


Hill & Knowlton

Hot 97


Inside Edition

Interview Magazine

Iona Athletics/ESPN

Late Night with David Letterman

Late Night with Seth Meyers



Madison Square Garden

Marvel Entertainment


New Brunswick Power Corporation

New Line Cinema

New York City Marathon

New York Daily News

News 12

OLN (Outdoor Life Network)

Pacific Street Films

People's Court

Power House Productions


Rachel Ray

Rainforest Action Network

Regional News Network

Regis and Kelly Show


Sesame Workshop

Spin Magazine

Sports Foundation Inc.

Sports Illustrated

Starwood Hotels

Steiner Sports Marketing

Summer Street Press

The View


Us Weekly

Verve Records



WFAN-Sports Radio

WFAS Westchester

WNEW 102.7 FM

WPLJ 95.5


Walt Disney Company

Warner Brothers

Westchester News 12

Women’s eNews

YES Network

Online Resources

Ready to start your search but don't know where to begin? The following sites are an excellent place to start. Remember most sites are updated daily so check back frequently for new postings.

Rising Star Internship - An internship database that allows you to search by topic or post a resume. There are specific sections for Media & Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising. -  This site features a searchable database that allows users to search based on key words. They offer a good range of communication related postings throughout the U.S.

Jobs in  - This site features a variety of internships and jobs in the sports industry. To access the database users must subscribe to the service which costs $29.95 per month.

Magazine Publishers of America -  This site highlights internships and jobs in the magazine publishing industry. Although the site does not appear to have extensive listings of positions, the variety of positions is impressive (advertising, public relations, writing etc...).

Walt Disney Company - This site features links to career information as well as internships within the Walt Disney Company. To access the internship information click on the link for Disney College.

International Opportunities Program - This site features a listing of other web sites that provide information about internships abroad.

Career Services Iona College's Career Services Department - This Department offers a wide range of career related services to both current students and alumni.

Contact Information

For more information about completing an internship contact:


Dr. Robert J. Petrausch
Murphy Center, Room 340A


Dr. Natalie Redcross
Murphy Center, Room 223