MBA in Health Care Management


Iona College's MBA in Health Care Management is intended to educate, refine and train health care professionals, as well as those who wish to enter the field or expand their knowledge and understanding of this rapidly developing industry. It provides an understanding of the health care sector from a range of disciplinary perspectives, with an emphasis on the needs of health care consumers, the business needs of health care providers and the underlying values of our society. The program uses innovative and practical applications and seasoned health care practitioners as faculty to provide students with the skills necessary to excel in the health care industry.

Plan of Study

MBA Core Courses: 24 credits

Key and Capstone: 6 credits
MBA 500 and MBA 710

Required HCM courses: 12 credits
HCM 651 - Health Care Industry Analysis
HCM 653 - Leadership and Management of Health Care Organizations

Choose two others from the following:

  • HCM 654 - The Continuum of Long Term Care Services
  • HCM 655 - Management of Long Term Care Services
  • HCM 656 - Ambulatory Care Management
  • HCM 657 - Public Health Administration

Breadth courses: 15 credits
Choose five advanced courses, no more than 2 courses may be in any one subject area)

Total: 57 credits