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Faculty & Staff

Shoshana S. Altschuller, Ph.D.

Shoshana S. Altschuller

Associate Professor

Chair, Information Systems and Business Analytics Department

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 315
Phone: (914) 633-2407
Degrees: Ph.D., Information Systems, CUNY/Baruch College

Dr. Altschuller teaches courses in information systems, e-commerce strategy, and electronic collaboration systems. Her main research interests relate to media characteristics of computer-mediated communication systems and collaboration within virtual environments. Dr. Altschuller has published numerous articles and book chapters in the areas of information systems as they relate to virtual teams as well as areas within accounting, crisis management, and e-commerce. She is the editor of the Communications of the IIMA journal and has experience in systems development in the financial industry.

Vincent J. Calluzzo, Ph.D.

Vincent J. Calluzzo


Office: LaPenta School of Business, 401
Phone: (914) 633-2601
Degrees: Ph.D., Operations Research, Polytechnic Institute of New York

Dr. Calluzzo teaches courses in internet applications development, client/server and 4GL. His research interests include investment strategies and visual basic applications development.

Charles J. Cante, Ph.D., CQE

Charles J. Cante


Office: LaPenta School of Business, 443
Phone: (914) 633-2558
Degrees: Ph.D., Chemistry; CQE, City University of New York
MBA, Iona College

Dr. Cante teaches courses in strategic management, quality management, operations management and business perspectives. His research interests include the use of strategic alliances and the improvement of the interface of technical research and engineering with the functions of operations management, general management and marketing. Dr. Cante has extensive experience as associate dean/director of graduate business programs (MBA, MS) and interim dean of the School of Business, as well as experience in general management, quality management and many of the functions technology and operations Management.  He is also a retired Colonel of the U.S. Army.

Kurt J. Engemann, Ph.D.

Kurt J. Engemann

Director of the Center for Business Continuity and Risk Management

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 444
Phone: (914) 633-2551
Degrees: Ph.D., Operations Research, New York University

Dr. Engemann teaches courses in the areas of business analytics, risk management, systems analysis, and operations management.  He has published extensively in the area of risk and decision modeling and is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management and the International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management. As a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), he has consulted professionally in the areas of risk management and decision modeling for major organizations and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of comprehensive business continuity management programs.  

Robert J. Richardson, Ph.D.

Robert J. Richardson


Office: LaPenta School of Business, 426
Phone: (914) 637-7726
Degrees: Ph.D., Systems Management and Operations Research, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Richardson teaches courses in information systems, operations management and visual basic. He brings 20 years of corporate experience, including the development of business analysis and information systems to support marketing, sales, finance, R&D and operations. His research interests include auto impact studies, pricing evaluation systems, bidding systems, scheduling systems and territory realignment analysis.

Heechang Shin, Ph.D.

Heechang Shin

Associate Professor

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 438
Phone: (914) 633-2065
Degrees: Ph.D., Information Technology, Rutgers University

Dr. Shin teaches courses in information systems, database management systems, emerging technologies such as big data analytics and mobile application development, and information privacy & security.  His research interests include network data security, privacy and security issues in mobile environments, and application of data analytics in business.  Dr. Shin is particularly interested in discovering the vulnerabilities in emerging information systems and services and designing effective solutions to control these vulnerabilities while meeting users’ requirements. He has served as guest editor for special issues of international academic journals in the topics of big data analytics and business innovation and business intelligence and security management. Dr. Shin also serves as an editorial board member for the Journal of Telecommunications System & Management.

Ore A. Soluade, Ph.D.

Ore A. Soluade


Office: LaPenta School of Business, 442
Phone: (914) 633-2309
Degrees: Ph.D., Operations Research, Polytechnic University
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois

Dr. Soluade teaches courses in information systems, operations management, statistics and mathematical modeling. His research is in the area of quality assurance, performance measurements and automobile safety. Dr. Soluade has extensive industry experience in quality assurance and product certification for telecommunications and optical networks at major corporations, including Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, AT&T labs and Telcordia. He is also a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Wei Xiong, Ph.D.

Wei Xiong

Assistant Professor

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 436
Phone: (914) 633-2673
Degrees: Ph.D., Information Systems, New Jersey Institute of Technology
MS, Information Systems, New Jersey Institute of Technology
BS, Marketing/Software Engineering, Hubei University of Economics

Dr. Xiong teaches courses in the areas of management information systems, database management, and data mining. His primary research interests include business analytics, big data and its business applications, such as behavioral-targeted advertising. He has focused on the development of methods for converting accumulated business data into actionable information for effective decision-making. Dr. Xiong has published numerous articles in refereed international journals and conference proceedings in the area of big data analytics.

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D.

Ronald R. Yager

Director, Machine Intelligence Institute

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 420
Degrees: Ph.D., Systems Sciences, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
BEE, City College of New York

Dr. Yager teaches courses in data mining. He has published over 500 papers and edited over 30 books in areas related to fuzzy sets, human behavioral modeling, multi-criteria aggregation, decision-making under uncertainty, computational intelligence and the fusion of information. Dr. Yager is among the world’s most highly cited researchers with over 65,000 citations in Google Scholar and an h-index of 106. He was the 2016 recipient of the IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award, the most prestigious honor given by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, and the recipient of the IEEE Pioneer award in Fuzzy Systems. He has served at the National Science Foundation as program director in the Information Sciences program and he was a NASA/Stanford visiting fellow and a research associate at the University of California.  Ronald R. Yager is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Intelligent Systems.

Sungjin Yoo, Ph.D.

Sungjin Yoo

Assistant Professor

Office: LaPenta School of Business, 447
Degrees: Ph.D., Business Information & Technology, University of Memphis
MS, Business Administration, Soongsil University
BS, Business Administration, Soongsil University

Professor Yoo teaches courses in the areas of information systems and business analytics. His research interests include cybersecurity, sharing economy, and IT strategy. In particular, he studies the relationships between firms’ IT security strategy, non-security related IT strategy, and cybersecurity breaches, as well as the impact of new IT-enabled business models on the landscape of traditional industries. To implement his research, he mainly uses advanced econometrics, business analytics, and qualitative case study methods. His research has been published in MIS Quarterly Executive and Information Technology & People.

Emeriti Faculty

Donald R. Moscato, Ph.D.

Hot IS courses: Mobile apps

Along with Internet Applications, Mobile Applications is one of the most heavily enrolled information systems courses. Students get a behind-the-scenes look at how mobile applications are developed and an opportunity to create and launch their own applications.

Information Systems Department Contact Information

Shoshana S. Altschuller, Ph.D.

Phone: (914) 633-2407

Department Office: 19 Montgomery Place