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MS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Game Development

The MS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Game Development blends science and art to create an immersive and realistic experience for the user. The program prepares graduates for exciting and lucrative careers in diverse areas such as Entertainment, Training Software and Simulations, Defense, Manufacturing, Medical Devices and Software, Scientific Visualization Software and many other exciting fields.

A student with virtual reality goggles on reaches his arm into the air reaching for something the goggles are showing him.

Transition Courses

These course credits may not be applied toward the 33 credits required for the degree.
Course Title Credits
CS 510 Discrete Mathematics 3
CS 520 Computer Science II 3


Computer Science Core 12 Credits
Requirements 6 Credits
Electives 9 Credits
Capstone Courses 6 Credits
Total Credits 33 Credits

Computer Science Core

Course Title Credits
CS 600 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CS 610 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
CS 620 Database Design and Implementation 3
CS 650 Operating Systems 3
Total Computer Science Core 12 Credits

Game Development Concentration

CS 734 Game Development 3
CS 742 Computer Graphics 3
Select three electives:
CS 736 Advanced Game Development 3
CS 743 Advanced Computer Graphics 3
CS 760 Artificial Intelligence 3
CS 773 Mobile Application Development 3
Total Concentration Electives 9
Total Concentration 15 Credits

Capstone Courses

Course Title Credits
CS 780 and CS 784* Software Development Project: Design and Implementation



CS 980 and CS 981* Thesis Preparation Seminar/Thesis


Total Capstone 6 Credits
*Capstone must be a Game Development project or a Game Development thesis