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MS in Teaching (MST): Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12)

Biology, English, Mathematics and Social Studies

The MS in Teaching (MST) is designed for individuals with bachelor's degrees who seek careers in teaching adolescence education but lack formal training in teacher education.

Core Courses for All MST - Adolescence Programs:

Course Number Course Name
EDU 640 Literacy and Learning in the Content Area for Adolescent Learners (3 credits)
EDU 653 Instruction and Assessment Strategies in the Secondary School (3 credits)
EDU 660 Foundations of Teaching Students with Disabilities (3 credits)
EDU 712 Extending Literacy and Learning in the Content Area for Adolescent Learners (3 credits)
EDU 721 Modern Educational Philosophies and Values (3 credits)
EDU 783 Multimedia in Teaching (3 credits)
EDU 922 Multicultural Education (3 credits)
EDU 975 Observation and Student Teaching in Adolescent Education - Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Studies (6 credits)
Total 27 credits

Subject Area Courses:


Course Number Course Name
BIO 510 Living Environment (3 Credits)
BIO 515 Genetics and Cell Biology (3 Credits)
BIO 520 Ecology and Population Biology (3 Credits)
BIO 525 Biological Chemistry and Cell Physiology (3 Credits)
BIO 530 Laboratory Techniques in Modern Biology (1 Credit)
BIO Elective Elective chosen with Graduate Biology Advisor (3 credits)
EDU 957 Special Project in Biology Education (2 credits)
Total 18 Credits


Course Number Course Name
ENG 600-729 One course in Foundations (3 credits)
ENG 730-769 One course in Classics (3 Credits)
ENG 770-896 One Course in American and/or Modern (3 credits)
ENG Electives Two Courses (6 credits)
EDU 954 Special Project in English Education (3 credits)
Total 18 Credits


Course Number Course Name
MTH 620 Analysis I (3 Credits)
MTH 650 Linear Algebra (3 Credits)
MTH 651 Abstract Algebra (3 credits)
MTH 705 Topics in Modern Geometry (3 Credits)
MTH 708 History of Mathematics (3 Credits)
EDU 951 Special Project in Mathematics Education (3 Credits)
Total 18 Credits

Social Studies

Course Number Course Name
HST Electives Five (5) History/Geography Courses as advised (15 credits)
EDU 952 Special Project in Social Studies Education (3 Credits)
Total 18 Credits