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MS in Teaching: Childhood and Special Education

Two Certificates: Childhood (Grade 1 to 6) and Special Education (Childhood)

Course Number Course Name
EDU 655 Language and Literacy Development in All Young Readers and Writers (3 credits)
EDU 656 Instruction and Assessment Strategies for Learning Mathematics for All Children (3 credits)
EDU 657 Instruction and Assessment Strategies for Teaching Social Studies to All Children (3 credits)
EDU 658 Assessment of Literacy Development in Young Children (3 credits)
EDU 721 Modern Educational Philosophies and Values (3 credits)
EDU 743 Language and Literacy across the Curriculum (3 credits)
EDU 660 Foundations of Teaching Students with Disabilities (3 credits)
EDU 661 Teaching Diverse Learners with Exceptionalities (3 credits)
EDU 667 Responsive Teaching and Multiple Interventions within Inclusive Classrooms (3 credits)
EDU 783 Multimedia in Teaching (3 credits)
EDU 862 Instruction and Assessment Strategies for Learning Science by All Children (3 credits)
EDU 922 Multicultural Education (3 credits)
EDU 950 Special Project in Curriculum Research (3 credits)
EDU 977 Student Teaching in Childhood/ Special Education (6 credits)
Total 45 credits