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George V. Priovolos, Ph.D.


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LaPenta School of Business, 314
(914) 633-2258 (914) 633-2258


  • Ph.D., City University of New York/Baruch

Dr. Priovolos teaches courses in marketing management, international marketing and advertising, marketing on the Internet, sports and entertainment marketing, new product development and services marketing. His research interests include political risk assessment, event marketing, e-marketing, cross-cultural training and European Union business strategies. Priovolos was a Fulbright Professor/Senior Scholar at the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland (1997-8) and a visiting professor at DDB, the advertising agency (1999).

Journal Articles

Maher, V.F., Priovolos, G.V., and Maher E. (2014) “Leadership In Healthcare Sector: The Case of Branding High-End Private Healthcare Services & Economic, Legal, Marketing, and Policy Concerns of Concierge Services in Hospitals,” Journal of Leadership and Management (JLM), 1 (2)

Priovolos, G.V. (2014) “Enforcing the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in the Healthcare Industry: Though Bitter, Good Medicine Cures Illness,” Academy of Business Journal (ABJ), 1, pp. 56-62

Maher, V.F. and Priovolos, G.V. (2014) “When Word and World Collide: Conflicts in Corporate Social Responsibility” Journal of Business and Economics (JBE), 5 (3), 299-305

Book Chapters

Priovolos, George V. (2010) “Political Risk Assessment of International Sporting Events.” In International Sport: A Research Synthesis, Christos Anagnostopoulos (ed.). ATINER (ISBN: 978-960-6672-63-7)

Priovolos, George V. (2009) “The Consumer Firmly in Command.” In The Future of Innovation, Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova (eds.). Gower Publishing Ltd., UK, (ISBN: 978-0-566-09213-8)

Priovolos, G.V. (2014) “Branding the Re-Branding Project—The Case Re-Branding a Traditional College for the 21st Century,” Academy of Business Research (ABR) Fall 2014 Conference Proceedings, Las Vegas.

Priovolos, G.V. (2014) “How Strategic Alliances With Industry Can Save B-schools From Decline,” Academy of Business Research (ABR) Fall 2014 Conference Proceedings, Atlantic City, N.J.

Priovolos, G.V. and Maher, V.F. (2014) “Challenges and Opportunities in the Health Care Industries of Emerging Markets: Mind the Supply Chain Gap” Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA), Summer 2014, Baku, Azerbaijan

Maher, V.F., Priovolos, G.V. and Maher, E.J. (2014) “When Technology Complicates Management: The Case of Jahi McMath” Proceedings of the 2014 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference (CBEC), Association for Business and Economics Research (ABER), Summer 2014, Cambridge, UK

Priovolos, G.V. and Maher, V.F. (2013) “Crisis Management and Communication Strategy in Response to Ethical Lapses and Corporate Social Responsibility Failures” Proceedings of the Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) Annual Conference, Helsinki, Finland

Priovolos, G.V. and Maher, V. (2013) “Branding High-end Private Healthcare Services” Proceedings of the 12th International Business and Economy (IBEC) Conference, Caen, France

Priovolos, G.V. (2012) “Branding the Small, Unsung Nation” International Congress for Humanity