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MOSAIC Mentorship Program

The MOSAIC Mentorship Program provides an invaluable opportunity for first-year students to develop relationships with a faculty/staff/administrator mentor. This year-long program is dedicated to the support of incoming freshmen and transfer ALANA (African, Latino (a) (x), Asian and Native American), Multicultural and LGBTQ+ identifying students.

In the program, students engage in collaborative and meaningful cross-cultural relationships and dialogues designed for holistic development to help them grow. They will learn about the campus resources and spaces that support their various identities as well as support their social and academic transition to college.

Mosaic Mixer Mentorship Program

The Mosaic Mentorship Program is dedicated to increasing a sense of connection and belonging among diverse students. Join us for an informal mixer on Thursday, September 7 from noon-1 p.m. in the LaPenta School of Business Atrium for snacks, games, and the opportunity to mingle with faculty, staff, and your fellow Gaels.

To attend, please RSVP below.

Mosaic Mixer RSVP Form

Program Goals

MOSAIC is deeply rooted in the institution's mission statement and various core competencies. These developmental core competencies include intellectual development, individual identity development, interpersonal relationships, global citizenship and community development.

At the end of the academic year, new students, who participate in the MOSAIC Mentorship Program will be able to:

  • build their careers, citizenship, and goals in order to foster maximum personal and professional growth through relationships around the Iona University campus and New Rochelle community.
  • understand and appreciate cultural and human differences in order to grow as global citizens and build their social responsibility.
  • explore their personal leadership philosophy, which includes reflective practices on personal values and identity development.
  • acquire necessary skills, knowledge, and attributes in order to successfully transition to college and complete their first year.

As a participant in our program, we expect of you the following:

  • Seek advice from MOSAIC mentor and academic advisor
  • Attend all classes in order to strive for success
  • Get to know each other by participating in activities with your mentor and MOSAIC family
  • Reach out to your mentor; let him/her/they know what's on your mind
  • Assume responsibility for your own professional growth & development
  • Set goals and make decisions to achieve these goals
  • Utilize campus resources
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Show an interest in academic achievement
  • Accept support from your mentor
  • Make positive adjustments
  • Be receptive and open minded of constructive feedback
  • Communicate with mentor frequently (highly encouraged 3 times a month via text, phone, email and face-to-face).

Program Benefits

  • Provides leadership skill development and assistance with your career goals.
  • Builds your résumé.
  • Provides experience, insight, and knowledge of mentors on campus
  • Helps your adjustment to college
  • Provides opportunities to reflect on experiences and act to achieve diversity and inclusion.
  • Challenges you to achieve high standards of personal behavior and responsibility.
  • Offers opportunities to build new relationships with your mentor and other mentees

MOSAIC mentors are staff, faculty, and administrators who choose to participate fully in the success of our students and this program.

We urge MOSAIC mentors to use the following skills and attributes when mentoring a student participant:

  • Be genuinely interested in the student's perspective.
  • Be responsive rather than reactive, focusing on and getting in touch with your mentee’s personality, goals and development.
  • Be confident in your skills and experiences to help your mentee grow.
  • Be aware of your own state, then focus on the mentee's needs.
  • Be considerate of your mentee’s needs and feelings.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Serve as a positive role model.
  • Communicate with mentee frequently (highly encouraged 3 times a month via text, phone, email and face-to-face).
  • Attending the MOSAIC community meetings twice a semester, as well as create opportunities with your MOSAIC family once a month.
  • Attend a required mentor orientation.

Benefits of Program

The benefits of this program have been adapted from ACPA and NASPA “Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators.”

  • Recognize that leadership involves both the individual role of a leader and the leadership process of individuals working together to envision, plan, and affect change.
  • Create learning environments for participants that foster social consciousness
  • Utilize student development and learning theory to enhance the experience of a diverse student(s) on campus.
  • Provide advising and support to individuals and groups through direction, feedback, critique, referral, and guidance.
  • Build and support relationship with new students
  • Embrace Iona’s civic engagement mission by mentoring students
  • Strengthen leadership style
  • Help impact retention
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