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MOSAIC Mentor Program

MOSAIC Mentee Application

MOSAIC mentees are first year students. As a participant in our program, we expect of you the following:

Mentee Role and Expectations:

a. Seek advice from MOSAIC Mentor and academic advisor

b. Attend all classes in order to strive for success

c. Get to know each other by participating in activities with your mentor and MOSAIC family

d. Reach out to your mentor; let him/her know what's on your mind

e. Assume responsibility for your own professional growth & development

f. Set goals and make decisions to achieve these goals

g. Utilize campus resources

h. Maintain a positive attitude

i. Show an interest in academic achievement

j. Accept support from your mentor

k. Make positive adjustments

l. Be receptive and open minded of constructive feedback

m. Communicate with mentor frequently (highly encouraged 3 times a month via text, phone, email and face to face).

n. Attend the MOSAIC Community Meetings as well as meeting with their MOSAIC Family once a month.

o. Attend REQUIRED Meet the Mentors Session to identify potential mentors.

Benefits of Participating in the Program for MOSAIC Mentees:

a. Develop leadership skills and receive assistance with your career goals

b. Resume building opportunity

c. Learn from the experience, insight and knowledge of mentors on campus

d. Will help your adjustment to college

e. Students will have opportunities to reflect on experiences and act to achieve diversity and inclusion

f. Challenges students to achieve high standards of personal behavior and responsibility.

g. Enjoy building new relationships with your mentor and other mentees

h. Appreciation token will be awarded to all mentees at the end of each successfully completed semester.

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