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MOSAIC Mentor Program

MOSAIC Mentor Application

MOSAIC Mentors are staff, faculty, and administrators who choose to participate fully in the success of our students and this program.

Mentor Role and Expectations:

We urge MOSAIC Mentors to use the following skills and attributes when mentoring a student participant.

  • Be genuinely interested in the student's’ perspective
  • Be responsive rather than reactive, focusing on and getting in touch with your mentee’s personality, goals and development
  • Be confident in your skills and experiences to help your mentee grow
  • Be aware of your own state, then focus on the mentee's’ needs
  • Be considerate of your mentee’s needs and feelings
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Communicate with mentor frequently (highly encouraged 3 times a month via text, phone, email and face to face).
  • Attending the MOSAIC Community Meetings (twice a semester) as well as create opportunities with your MOSAIC Family once a month
  • Attend REQUIRED "Mentor Orientation" on August 6 - more details forthcoming.

Benefits of Participating in the Program for MOSAIC Mentors:

The benefits of this program have been adapted from ACPA and NASPA “Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators.”

  • Recognize that leadership involves both the individual role of a leader and the leadership process of individuals working together to envision, plan, and affect change.
  • Create learning environments for participants that fosters social consciousness
  • Utilize student development and learning theory to enhance the experience of a diverse student(s) on campus.
  • Provide advising and support to individuals and groups through direction, feedback, critique, referral, and guidance.
  • Build and support relationship with new students
  • Embrace Iona’s civic engagement mission by mentoring students
  • Strengthen leadership style
  • Help impact retention

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