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Hugh Short, Ph.D.

Dr. Hugh Short earned his bachelor’s degree in English and History at Manhattan College. He earned his master’s degree from Fordham University with concentrations in Medieval Literature and Renaissance Literature. He earned his doctoral degree from Fordham University with a focus on Modern American Literature. His dissertation was titled The Development of Moral Consciousness in the Character of Isaac McCaslin in Faulkner’s Novel “Go Down, Moses”.

Dr. Short’s teaching interests are broad and varied. He teaches a wide range of courses, ranging from Freshman Composition to Core Literature to Major-level Literature to Graduate Literature classes, as well as Honors Humanities classes. In major and graduate classes his interests include Classical Greek Drama, Tragedy, the Epic across the Ages, American Literature of the 19th Century, American Literature between the Wars, American Drama Comes of Age, and many courses on specific writers, such as Sherwood Anderson, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Miller and others. He has written on Shakespeare, Chekhov, Faulkner and Chayevsky.

Dr. Short has been engaged in the life of Iona College, having been named Faculty Speaker of the Year, and having served on many college committees, including the Faculty Senate, the College Council, the Honors Council, the Curriculum Committee, the Graduate Council, the Committee on Academic Affairs, and the Committee on Rank, Tenure, and Awards, and he has served as the Faculty Moderator for The Ionian. He currently serves as Chair of the Faculty Senate and of the College Council, as Assistant Chair in the English Department, and as assistant to the Director of Freshman Advisement, as well as serving on the Academic Affairs Committee and the Committee on Assessment. He also serves as Freshman Advisor.