What Can You Do With a Business Certificate?

If you are currently in the workforce, it’s no surprise how competitive the business world is. It can be challenging to distinguish yourself from peers and other applicants as you work to advance your current position or secure a new job.

One of the best ways to gain your competitive edge is enrolling in a graduate certificate program, but this decision also prompts questions like: “Is this the right decision for me?” or “Is this relevant to my career?”

Keep reading to learn more about graduate business certificates, their many benefits and if it is the right next step for you.

What Is a Graduate Business Certificate? 

A graduate business certificate is a short-term, non-degree credential offered by many colleges, universities and business schools. In these programs, you enroll in graduate-level courses and learn about a variety of business disciplines, such as accounting, marketing, business communications, information systems, business analytics and more.  

What Types of Business Certificates Are in Demand?

Because the business sector encompasses a range of fields, there are various types of business certificates you can choose based on your professional goals and interests. These graduate certificate programs offer essential learning opportunities to develop core business skills and long-lasting, specialized expertise in various disciplines. Iona offers certificates in the following:

Whether you choose an advanced certificate in business, which offers a broad approach to business education, or take a more specialized route like a health care management certificate program, you enhance your skill set and gain experience that helps you navigate the workforce and advance your career.

Two graduate students work together in the computer lab.

What Are the Benefits of a Graduate Business Certificate?

Returning to school to earn a graduate business certificate has far-reaching benefits for your academic, professional and personal development.

Open the Door to More Job Opportunities 

Business certificates provide dedicated training to hone your strategic business instincts, explore a new industry sector, gain technical skills and learn from top-tier professors with years of experience and insight. Adding these valuable experiences and competencies to your résumé empowers you to pursue new job opportunities, tackle leadership roles or even begin your own business.

Additionally, attending a graduate business school helps you forge vital connections with peers, professors and other community business professionals. During your program, you can expand your network by attending events, finding an industry leader to mentor you and collaborating with your classmates. The relationships can be invaluable in your professional growth and creating transformative career opportunities.

Low Commitment, High ROI

Enrolling in a certificate program also allows you to test out a graduate business program without fully committing all of your time and resources. Not only can you take courses when your schedule and budget permit, but if you try the program and decide it’s not the right fit, you can continue on another path without sacrificing as much time and money.

Alternatively, if your certificate program piques your interest and inspires you to continue your graduate studies, many programs allow you to apply the credits earned for the certificate toward a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Regardless of your reason for earning your business certificate, through this experience, you can challenge yourself, spur new growth and reap the rewards of your hard work.

How Can a Business Certificate Impact My Career?

Acquiring any amount of graduate-level education that prioritizes hands-on learning, mentorship and skill acquisition positively impacts your career. As you take your business courses, you learn new strategic methods, strengthen your critical thinking and develop professional communication skills. Then, you can implement your newly acquired competencies into your current role, pursue a leadership position or chart a new career path.

With advanced skills and more experience, you can increase your earning potential. As reported by PayScale, individuals who have earned their business certificate have an average base salary of $71,000 per year. However, depending on your industry, career role and level of experience, your income can exceed this average. Consider the following examples:

  • Director of operations - $101,375 
  • Executive director - $90,271 
  • Finance manager -$79,181 
  • Senior financial analyst- $87,067
Two students work together in the LSB classroom.

How Do I Earn a Graduate Business Certificate? 

The process of earning a graduate-level certificate in business is similar to applying to an MBA program or any other graduate program. While the admission process varies for each university or college, typically, you need to complete an application and submit an assortment of supplemental documents like your transcripts from your undergraduate education, an updated résumé or curriculum vitae, a personal statement and a letter of recommendation.

Overall, applying to a graduate business certificate program takes time and preparation but is generally a streamlined process. 

Take Your Career to the Next Level With Iona’s Advanced Certificate in Business

Begin your graduate education by earning an advanced business certificate at Iona University. Through our business certificate programs, you enroll in four graduate-level classes that introduce you to high-level business concepts and help you acquire advanced skills in marketing, accounting, management, information systems, financial management or business analytics.

With in-person, online or hybrid formats, our advanced certificate in business programs offers an education experience that complements your daily schedule and supports your career pursuits. Additionally, if you wish to continue your education and earn a graduate degree, you can roll your credits in the certificate program into Iona’s Master of Business Administration and further develop your business acumen.

Still Unsure if a Business Certificate is Right for You? Contact Us!

Expedite your professional growth and start your journey to becoming a business leader by obtaining your Business Advanced Certificate at Iona. Ready to begin? Apply now! Or, if you have questions about the program or application process, request more information.