Media & Strategic Communication Department

As individuals we consume media at a rapid pace from all directions. TV news segments, radio programs, social media, blogs, podcasts, billboards... the list goes on and on. In order to stand out from the masses, media needs to be strategic, engaging and effective.

Our Media & Strategic Communication Department will show you how have to craft your art, and set you on the path for an exciting media career – whether in broadcast, advertising, public relation or journalism.

Develop the skills to be a creative and analytical storyteller. Ignite your passion to engage others and strive to discover the truth. Hone your ability to present information in compelling ways across multiple media platforms.

You will learn alongside industry professionals, navigating the art and science behind strategic communications. You will gain hands-on experience through extensive internship opportunities in New York City –the media capital of the world.

You will be prepared to master the world of media.

Student Success

Our students go on to have successful careers at prestigious media outlets such as NBC Sports, Telemundo and MSG Networks, to name a few. Request information today to learn more about how Iona’s comprehensive, hands-on curriculum and dedicated professors can help you land your dream media job!

Quote from Ryan Lackler: To me, Iona was the start of a journey. Through the classes and faculty at Iona I learned valuable information and gained an incredible amount of experience that eventually landed me at a dream job for MSG Networks. My personal successes are largely attributed to my time spent in New Rochelle learning from the best in the business and interacting with the future of sports communication and media.
Quote from Mary Omatiga:  I’ve always dreamed of working in sports and my time at Iona played a vital role in helping me live out those dreams today. From the hands-on experience you get in the classroom, the support from your professors, mentorships, and well-rounded network-the knowledge you gain is priceless and I’m grateful for Iona University.
Quote from Ian Sacks: The lessons, techniques and skills I learned at Iona have served as invaluable building blocks. From the humble days in the Murphy Center and with the various student media outlets to now serving as a sports anchor throughout South Dakota at KELO and covering the national college basketball landscape at Mid-Major Madness, this journey has been amazing. Once a Gael, always a Gael.
Quote from Dondre Lemon:  It’s truly astonishing to be joining the ABC News team. To work with the number 1 national news station in the United States is a huge success. I give my biggest thanks to Iona for giving me the tools, mentors and leadership training used in reaching this level. Go Gaels!
Quote from Anthony Carlo: It’s a surreal feeling to join Eyewitness News as a reporter. To work at the most watched TV station in the nation is an incredible accomplishment for which I am eternally grateful. But everyone starts somewhere – and for me it was at Iona. This university game me the tools, connections, mentorship and confidence to dream big and do even bigger.

Iona University Welcomes Emmy Award-Winning Sports Anchor Bruce Beck as Executive-in-Residence

Beck will serve as a mentor and resource for students in Iona’s Sports Communication & Media Graduate Program helping them to "improve their skills now and define new opportunities for the future."

Read More: Bruce Beck at Iona

Mission & Student Outcomes

The mission of the Department of Media & Strategic Communication is consistent with the goals of Iona University in the traditions of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic higher education. The Department is committed to balancing the need to educate majors who possess the skills to succeed in media & strategic communication careers with the need to be faithful to the time-honored liberal arts education. We prepare our students to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age and to become skilled ethical decision-makers and critical users of media.

The Department continues to enhance its reputation of excellence regionally, nationally and internationally with a focus on diversity, life-long learning and the individual attention that is characteristic of the Iona education. We promise that our students will be well prepared, sought after by the media & strategic communication industry and deeply proud of their Iona degrees.

(Revised, January 2013)

  1. Individual professions in journalism and media & strategic communication may require certain specialized values and competencies. Irrespective of their particular specialization, all graduates should be aware of certain core values and competencies and be able to: understand and apply the principles and laws of freedom of speech and press, for the country in which the institution that invites ACEJMC is located, as well as receive instruction in and understand the range of systems of freedom of expression around the world, including the right to dissent, to monitor and criticize power, and to assemble and petition for redress of grievances;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the history and role of professionals and institutions in shaping communications;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and, as appropriate, other forms of diversity in domestic society in relation to media & strategic communications.
  4. demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of peoples and cultures and of the significance and impact of media & strategic communications in a global society;
  5. understand concepts and apply theories in the use and presentation of images and information;
  6. demonstrate an understanding of professional ethical principles and work ethically in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness and diversity;
  7. think critically, creatively and independently;
  8. conduct research and evaluate information by methods appropriate to the communications professions in which they work;
  9. write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for the communications professions, audiences and purposes they serve;
  10. critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy and fairness, clarity, appropriate style and grammatical correctness;
  11. apply basic numerical and statistical concepts;
  12. apply tools and technologies appropriate for the communications professions in which they work.

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Media & Strategic Communication Department

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