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Iona MBA

Launched in 2018, our new, faster, less-expensive MBA requires only 39 credits. The MBA program is open to students with any type of bachelor's degree.

Additionally, Iona does not require a GMAT for applicants into the MBA program.

Courses Credits
Core 24 credits
Electives 15 credits
Total 39 credits

Iona's MBA can be taken at the pace you select. Full-time students take 9-12 credits per term and typically complete the degree in 12 months. Part-time students typically take 6 credits per term and can complete the degree in 20 months.

The program offers rolling admission, so students can enter the program at any of five terms during the year – June, July, August, November or February.

Application Requirements

  • Completed online application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • One professional letter of recommendation
International Student Additional Requirements:
  • NACES evaluation of transcripts
  • Official IELTS or TOEFL score

Optional MBA Concentrations

An MBA concentration gives you the chance to focus on a specialized area of interest.  Which topic would do the most to support your continued career development? We offer seven to choose from:

Financial Management
In your financial management concentration, you will improve your ability to make financial decisions, even when faced with risk and uncertainty. This concentration provides a theoretical base you can use to examine real-world situations. The concentration can include courses related to the operation of the financial system, financial strategy, investments, fixed income, derivatives, and international finance, among others.

Health Care Management
Health care is an enormously important, and rapidly growing, business sector. The Health Care Management concentration provides specialized content for those working in health care, and those who wish to enter the health care industry. In this concentration, you can take courses in such topics as: health care industry analysis, health care management, health care finance, public health administration, long term care services, and ambulatory care management, among others. You will also take a selection of health care courses within your elective set.

The Management concentration provides the conceptual, analytical and creative skills needed in the management of private or public organizations. In this concentration, you can take courses in organization theory and design, leadership, change management, human resource management, and social innovation, among others.

Human Resource Management
Human resources management is a profession that provides you opportunities to work in any industry. The Human Resource Management concentration prepares you to face the challenges that come with managing people. You will also gain insights into how people can be supported, developed, and more effectively managed along their career path. Additionally, you will learn how organizations can more effectively manage people as a strategic organizational resource. Students in this concentration can take courses in human resources management, compensation, training and development, HRM in health care, and collective bargaining, among others.

The Marketing concentration is designed to make you marketing-literate by offering courses which represent the current state of the art. These courses are intended to challenge and stimulate your thought and decision-making processes, and to contribute to your becoming successful marketing decision-makers and business executives.

Public Accounting
The Public Accounting concentration provides students who have an accounting undergraduate degree with the competencies and knowledge they need to qualify for the CPA exam. It is designed to prepare you to function effectively in the accounting profession. In this concentration, you will take courses in accounting research, auditing, ethics and fraud examination, and international financial management, among others.

Information Systems
The Information Systems concentration is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to analyze, design and evaluate an organization's information and decision systems.