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Understand the social forces shaping the world, and help make the world a better place.

Why do humans behave the way they do?

Sociologists approach this question, among many others, through the study of societies and how group memberships and social relationships shape and influence humans throughout life. As a sociology major you will explore the social interactions between people and learn about the processes of social change, and thus, broaden your understanding of the often-overlooked forces moving and organizing the world.

Sociology, or the study of the social world, will give you unique insight into America’s rich diversity of cultures and a new perspective on contemporary social and technological change. You’ll learn about racial and ethnic groups, families, deviance and crime, gender, economic class, media and popular culture, among other topics. Additional courses for majors include social theory, research methodology and the opportunity for independent research as your studies conclude in your senior capstone course.

Sociology’s breadth for career possibilities is tremendous, including human resources in for-profit agencies, non-profit organizations, counseling and charitable agencies, teaching positions, government and libraries. You may pursue graduate level studies or enter the workforce, but in either case you will graduate well prepared for success in a wide variety of careers, from research and academia to law, medicine, non-profit management and criminal justice.

Honor Society and Independent Research Opportunities

Iona’s Beta Epsilon chapter of the Alpha Kappa Delta International Honor Society inducts students each year, and sociology students are regular participants in the school’s annual Scholar’s Day, where they share results of their sociology research projects.

Our commitment to small class sizes ensures that you will receive an education that is personalized, values-based and supportive of your success. You can also depend on our faculty to provide invaluable guidance on internships, service learning, research opportunities and mentoring advice after graduation.

Gender Studies Minor in Development

The Criminal Justice & Sociology Department is currently under construction and revision into an interdisciplinary Gender Studies Program, which will seek to expose students to the study and importance of gender dynamics in society from a range of perspectives. More to Come!

Popular Sociology Courses

Sociology courses attract students from many of Iona’s degree programs. Some of the most popular courses include the following:
  • Deviant Behavior: This course explores what it is to act in what is considered to not be normal. Why are things considered different or illegal, and how does normal change? 
  • Family: This course explores the family institution, social and gender roles and the issues impacting all human beings in their most intimate and close relationships 
  • Popular Culture: This course addresses many of the cultural topics and issues students are already discussing, in ways that transcend social boundaries.
  • Race and Ethnic Relations: Valuable for any student who wants to succeed in an increasingly diverse global society.
  • Sex and Gender Roles in Modern Society: Often described as “eye-opening” by students, this course addresses gender equality and the impact of gender on one’s life.

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Joseph Salvo
As director of the population division of the NYC Department of City Planning, for nearly two decades Dr. Salvo has aggressively pursued New Yorkers whom the Census Bureau missed in its official count or would not have found unless he told the bureau where to look. The city’s chief demographer, he, along with his staff, keeps other city agencies abreast of population trends.

Dr. Gregory Wilkinson
Gregory Wilkinson, M.D. is an American doctor in Haiti who saves lives.  A graduate of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), this Family Practitioner provides routine and emergency medical care to children and adults in impoverished communities in Haiti.  His Iona College Sociology degree enables him to treat his patients with an understanding of the social forces that shape the lives of individuals, families, and communities.