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Welcome to Iona College’s Online Application Process

Welcome to Iona College’s Online Application Process

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Welcome to Iona College’s Online Application Process

We’re pleased that you have decided to apply to Iona College. With highly regarded academic programs, a supportive community and dedicated faculty, Iona is a great choice for today’s motivated students. You’re taking the first step in an exciting process: one that may change your life and prepare you to move the world.

Applications reviewed holistically. SAT/ACT optional.

Iona College is a close-knit community of scholars who believe in the liberating power of education. At Iona, students are more than just a number, and we are committed to every individual student’s success. We review each student’s application holistically, considering high school transcript, recommendations of teachers and counselors and a student’s overall record of achievement. An SAT or ACT score is not required to be considered for admission. Our holistic review allows us to make admissions decisions and program recommendations to best fit each student, be it the increased academic rigor of the Honors program, additional supports of the College Assistance Program (CAP), or the multi-faceted benefits of Iona’s living and learning communities.

Iona programs that require a separate application, such as dual degree programs with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and Seton Hall University of Law, or early guaranteed entry to Iona’s CSD graduate program will be required to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. Additionally, all Division 1 athletes will need to submit an SAT or ACT score, per NCAA regulations.

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Student Success

Caitlyn’s internship in a NYC museum taught her valuable lessons in working with others to achieve common goals–and move the world.

Caitlyn O'Toole ’14

English and Political Science

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